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  1. Amybellars

    "This piece will be the crown jewel of any militaria collection!!"

    Bruno, u are too humble. Your superb collection are pieces of crown jewel in anyway
  2. Amybellars

    Prussian officer helmet

    You are so right. When I started, I bought the an ordinary looking prussian ors
  3. Amybellars

    Pickelhaubes my collection.

    Nice collection. Thank you for sharing. How many are there altogether?
  4. Amybellars

    Würtemberg Pickelhaube

    Hi welcome to the forum. Have you just bought the helmet?
  5. Amybellars

    Conservation of a Brass Pickelhaube after a recent buy

    I have to say that you did a good job and I can imaging your motivation working on the haubes till late and the satisfaction when it's done 👍
  6. Amybellars

    Conservation of a Brass Pickelhaube after a recent buy

    I can see a diving helmet in the background 😂
  7. Amybellars

    Conservation of a Brass Pickelhaube after a recent buy

    I am sure you have enjoyed working on it. I however like the original condition that you had gotten it. These are things that have a 100 years history and I like the patina to tell a story.
  8. Amybellars

    Brass spike rivets

    Hi David Care to post the pictures of your spike and the wappen. I need to check if I have shiny studs or the old aged patina studs. You can drop me a message at [email protected]
  9. Amybellars

    Mecklenburg Officer Wappen

    Thank you Brian. Happy belated birthday to you too. Yes, the ss Helmet was a minty one. What did u get for your birthday?? Another pickelhaube?
  10. Amybellars

    Saxon Kokarden

    Very unique.
  11. Amybellars

    Mecklenburg Officer Wappen

    My birthday in May as well and I got a double decal SS Helmet from my hubby.
  12. Amybellars

    Mecklenburg Officer Wappen

    Here's mine. This one was me giving this helmet to my hubby for his birthday..
  13. Amybellars

    Mecklenburg Kokarden

    Here's mine
  14. Amybellars

    Mecklenburg Kokarden

    Wow very unique
  15. Amybellars

    Prussian guard M17

    It's just the batch number. Certain markers have them while some don't
  16. Amybellars

    JR 93 Anhalt

    Congratulations Brian. All good things are worth waiting
  17. Amybellars

    Saxon Fusilier Regt. 108 NCO Shako

    Thank you guys. Very informative. Better than books.
  18. Amybellars

    Saxon Fusilier Regt. 108 NCO Shako

    For my learning purpose, does that mean that the wappen prior to Aug 1909 is that of saxon wappen without the horn?
  19. Amybellars

    US Customs Chicago

    Brian, am so glad that you have found the wappen