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  1. J.LeBrasseur

    Buckle ID?

    Thanks John, I just found a similar version that is said to be 1876 Ottoman buckle, only difference is the one I found is plain round outside, this one has scrollwork, Officers? James
  2. J.LeBrasseur

    Buckle ID?

    Anyone have an idea what this buckle is? thinking Italian but not sure.... James
  3. J.LeBrasseur

    A Visit To Military Antiques Toronto

    Bruno he currently has it on Ebay. James
  4. J.LeBrasseur

    Spike Base

    Very interesting, never seen anything like that before? James
  5. J.LeBrasseur

    My little Pickelhaubes collection…

    Great looking display and nice helmets! James
  6. J.LeBrasseur

    Experimental bavarian alpine troops' spiked helmets.

    I had no idea these existed, this is a awesome new thread, thanks for sharing! James
  7. J.LeBrasseur

    Your collection's fate?

    Brian- I thought I got your collection? I need to talk to Caron:) James
  8. J.LeBrasseur

    Your collection's fate?

    Steve- that is great information, and appreciated. James
  9. J.LeBrasseur

    Bremen Kokarden

    No, I agree I think the OR is fine, it is the other 2 I am not sure of. James
  10. J.LeBrasseur

    New Kokarde Section

    Lovin it!
  11. J.LeBrasseur

    Mecklenburg Kokarden

    reposting from another thread my leather version with fabric cover. James
  12. J.LeBrasseur

    Bremen Kokarden

    Well here are three of my loose examples, I will totally admit, I am not sure all are 100% real or not, open for opinions. I do like the look and feel of the OR one. James
  13. J.LeBrasseur

    The Prussian Kokarde

    And here is a weird one, a standard Prussian OR Kokarden on some kind of French Probe card. James
  14. J.LeBrasseur

    Mecklenburg Kokarden

    thanks Brian, no a M95 officer James
  15. J.LeBrasseur

    Kokarden packaging etc.

    I happen to love collecting the packages that these Kokarden came in, here are some examples of boxes or cellophane packages. James
  16. J.LeBrasseur

    The Prussian Kokarde

    Here is another older type on my M1842 Leather with Metal ring. James
  17. J.LeBrasseur

    Mecklenburg Kokarden

    Here is a Mecklenburg that is leather with a fabric cover James
  18. J.LeBrasseur

    Bavarian Kokarden

    I cannot quit smiling!
  19. J.LeBrasseur

    The Prussian Kokarde

    Great stuff guy's, I want to add a rare variant similar to Saxon, v-notch cutouts for Reich and Prussian. James