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    Interested in pickelhaubes, would appreciate opinions

    Though I am not new to collecting militaria, I haven't delved into the world of pickelhaubes ... I would appreciate feedback on this helmet that caught my eye....
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    Askari Schutztruppe Colonial Tarboosh Fez

    All comments welcome. Weave is not the typical khaki drill. Colonial Eagle Wappen securely anchored with clasp and stitching. Neck guard attaches to fez/tarboosh with buttons (vs being sewn or attached with hooks). No sweatband as these would have been worn over/cover a fez.
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    Dutch East Indies Pith Helmet (KNIL)1880's

    This is one of my favorites, it's a senior ranking officer's helmet of the KNIL (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger), ie Royal Netherland's East Indies Army. The gold piping on either side of the front panel indicates rank of a Majjor and above. Quite rare....1880's
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    Belgian Congo Force Publique Fez

    FP Fez, Not sure of the date, pre WW2, WW2, or post WW2...any thoughts welcome.
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    East Asia Boxer Rebellion Jāger/Train Battalion Tschako/shako

    Rear visor stamped B.A.O. 1901, inside crown stamped with maker's mark as well. Interestingly the Wappen is larger than would be expected, it's the same size as was used on the tropenhelm.
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    Real or make believe? Askari Tarboosh

    From Russia with love. Badge looks bad. Soiling looks forced. Inside liner doesn't look right. But what about the actual cap and neck guard...
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    Wanted Imperial Feldzeichen for pre war Tschako

    Hello, looking for enlisted, NCO, or officer's feldzeichen for pre war tschako, Thanks, Mike
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    German Tropenhelm buyer beware!

    A few years back this EXACT helmet was being offered by a dutch militaria web site. I know because I nearly purchased it. It was listed simply as a colonial pith helmet in the style of the French 'sugar loaf' of 1886, nationality unknown. It was offered for about 500$. It had no makers mark or...
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    Seebattalion/Seebataillon helmet plate

    Hello, My question is regarding the seeadler helmet plates used by the Seebataillon on their tropenhelms and shakos. I am familiar with the gold and gray/silver colors as well as the screw posts on those used for the shakos. My specific question is whether the same helmet plate with the screw...
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    Scroll helmet

    Hello, Enclosed is a photo of a scroll helmet. I have read the article by Colonel J wherein he describes GMGA 211 - 250 and 260 - 265. So i'm not sure what to make of this one with number 340 on it. Thanks