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  1. MG1918

    WTB belt loop for German wire cutters

    WWI simple belt loop for most patterns of Imperial German wire cutters. Please send details. Mark
  2. MG1918

    WTB: MG08/15 Rain Cover

    Top price paid for the MG08/15 rain cover that fits to the feedblock.
  3. MG1918

    Signing - IN ???

    Am I the only one experiencing having to sign in every 5 seconds? Mark
  4. MG1918

    WTB: WWI Sawback bayonets - German

    Please send details/images - WWI sawback bayonets wanted to buy. Original and German issue please only. Mark
  5. MG1918

    Latest find

    slight deviation and I hope the Moderator allows but can anyone recommend a bayonet WWI German expert dealer etc. I am looking for genuine sawback bayonets but do understand there are variants and alterations and differing nations. So not quite a Latest Find but rather please help me find by...
  6. MG1918

    RFC RAF and MG Collections

    For sale or trade: 1. Extensive Royal Flying Corps & early Royal Air Force trench art collection 2. Significant British Machine Gun library, all WWI - Vickers, Lewis, Maxim and Hotchkiss manuals. Please email for details/links too large to list. [email protected] Mark
  7. MG1918

    WTB: MG08/15 Bipods

    Wanted to buy and best price paid any MG bipod. Top price paid.
  8. MG1918

    WTB: T Gewehr 13 mm rounds

    Best price paid for the 13mm Anti Tank Mauser rifle, the T Gewehr ammunition and other accessories Please see other Wanted advert ref WWI German MG items. Thanks Mark
  9. MG1918

    MG08 and MG08/15 parts

    In supporting the MG08 and MG08/15 thread, I thought now that PICORATOR is working well, members would like an 'accessory'' thread.
  10. MG1918

    WTB: MG08 Sled Mount Tools

    top price paid for the tools that fit onto the deck of the sled. Images can be provided. The reamer and extraction tongs for the schlitten deck. Also looking for sled parts.....and everything else WWI German MG!! please email [email protected]
  11. MG1918

    A real collector

    Often seen but can never be seen enough #-o #-o #-o #-o =D>
  12. MG1918

    Wanted - MG08/15 rain cover

    Top price paid.
  13. MG1918

    MG08/15 trommel drum

    US$275 plus shipping. All functioning correctly for live fire, or display. More photos please ask.
  14. MG1918

    WWI German Water Bottle or canteen ersatz covered

    Unissued condition and 100% genuine - excellent ink stamping US$120 plus shipping. or Euros100 Please email for more details or photos.
  15. MG1918

    WWI MG Sights ZF12

    I appreciate this excellent web site is about spiked helmets, and despite my efforts to generate MG interest :D I am up against some terrific hard core! But if anyone out there is looking for the ZF12 MG Optic for the MG08 I have some excellent examples which are surplus. Please email if you...
  16. MG1918

    His Latest Finds

  17. MG1918

    Joining Pickelhaubes.

    Excellent variety of expertise so had to join. Hoping to add value on the topic of WWI German ground Mgs but also hoping to learn about other aspects incl helmet types. Apologies for not introducing myself earlier. Mark
  18. MG1918

    Wanted - MG08 Yoke Strap

    Wanted to buy please and top price paid - steel sled mount yoke strap that fits over the MG08. I need 3!!!
  19. MG1918

    Wanted - WWI German bipod

    Wanted to buy please the thicker steel rounded bipod as used on T and MG. There are several types but any example best price paid. Thanks Mark