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  1. coert65

    Some more Uberzug's

    They sure do! You have a beautiful collection. :)
  2. coert65

    Donation, new on the board.

    I just noticed that on the right, you can donate easily here, to support our forum! Very, very good choice, it makes it way easier for other members to donate some to our forum. It will help us all, to keep this forum alive and good. This donation button will be very good, for all of us. I guess...
  3. coert65

    Pickelhaube Cabinet

    That is one great display. I like it a lot Tony. :) Regards, Coert.
  4. coert65

    another Brit

    Welcome here Tony! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts here, but so many British here are joining up, I might be looking for some Fish and Chips soon.. ;) Welcome from the Netherlands! Regards, Coert.
  5. coert65

    WTB Pair of M91 brass side posts

    Well, if you click on his name, another window will open, above, on the far right you see a little envelope. Click on that, and you can send the seller a message.
  6. coert65

    M1895 EM Pickelhaube

    I fully agree with John on this. If I would own it, I would be very happy with it. A very nice helmet!
  7. coert65

    My first pickelhaube restoration

    I also noticed the faint Regimental stamp above BJA III stamp. BJA stands for bekleidung instantsetzung amt, the place were pickelhauben with problems were made acceptabel again for use in the army. Also the place were several holes were filled in, and it was later sent to another regiment...
  8. coert65

    I just won this book on e-bay.

    Well my collector friends, last night I had a long conversation with the seller of the book. He personally was a friend of Jean Louis Lacarde, we spoke a lot about collecting, because the guy is also a collector. The book is on its way to me, but, I will speak again today with him, hopefully he...
  9. coert65

    I just won this book on e-bay.

    Well, if you could sell me one of your copies of volume 2 I would be much obliged. Because then, I would have all of this masterpiece here at home. I know it is relevant, and all you need. I have a lot of books from MilitariaVerlag, they are very good, but you know, I searched high and low...
  10. coert65

    I just won this book on e-bay.

    Thanks Bruno. I know these books are the best, it is why I bought it. Now the search goes on for volume 2. And, I can read French, and speak French too, my ex-girlfriend was French. The search goes on.. Laine's book I am also looking for on e-bay.
  11. coert65

    I just won this book on e-bay.

    I know there are better books, but you know, I just could not resist..I just had to have it.
  12. coert65

    I just won this book on e-bay.
  13. coert65

    Pioneer Batl 10 enlisted helmet

    Excellent helmet Steve! :)
  14. coert65

    M1895 EM Pickelhaube

    A very nice original helmet, which is not been messed with! I just love the markings on it. Congratulations! 👍
  15. coert65

    Hi from another Brit with the bug

    Welcome on the forum Drew! We will all help you with advice on your restoration Pickelhaubes. Just open a thread with pictures of your helmets, any markings if present, and we will tell you what parts you need to complete them. There are a lot of knowledgeable members here, who will comment, and...
  16. coert65


    Excellent helmet with a history. Very nice to have that also with the helmet. I also have a TB8 helmet here, dated 1904. But it got transferred to IR29 later on. Here the link to that topic. A very nice addition to your collection...
  17. coert65

    Final Decision on Forum Monetization

    I think it should be a quick and easy thing to add to our forum. Our Dutch motorcycle-forum of which I am also a member also runs on Xen-foro, and has a donate button too. Usually I donate each year on Brian's Paypal account, like most other guy's who donate. But a donate button should work...
  18. coert65

    Prussian Officer

    Very nice helmet Pete, and nice to bring back a helmet to it's former glory. It looks great next to it's British companion! :)
  19. coert65

    Le sabre et le goupillon

    Yes he is, with the ribbon for Non Combattants, furthermore, at the back of the picture, you can see a sign which says Aufname, with a red cross above it. My guess is that this is a hospital were wounded soldiers were treated. And the priest just had that Iron Cross recieved by the officers you...
  20. coert65

    Just for show some parts of my Collection

    Welcome here on the forum Ex_Scout. :) You posted it in the right thread, very nice collection you have there! I only have 2 Bavarian helmets, an M15 other ranks, and a Bing metal pickelhaube. Regards, Coert. (y)