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  1. Steve Nick

    Regimental Stein – 14th (1st Baden) Field Artillery

    This stein was purchased by Reservist Schäfer who served in the 5th Battery of the 1st Baden Field Artillery Regiment "Grand Duke" Nr.14 from 1909 to 1910. The regiment was garrisoned at Karlsruhe. This one is a hard to find example as it commemorates service in two units during Reservist...
  2. Steve Nick

    1918 Stahlhelm - Dark Humour?

    Re. the Title, I was always intrigued by the small ochre circle painted right in the middle of his forehead. Talk about tempting fate ? Or maybe just an example of the dark humour prevailing in the last months of the war? On another forum it was suggested that the circle was an Eastern European...
  3. Steve Nick

    German Foot Artillery - Puzzler

    I have spent the the last couple of days researching and touching up the "never before seen" photos from my next door neighbours great uncle. He was with the Prussian Foot Artillery from 1914 with the 4th Foot Artillery Regiment (Magdeburg) to the end of the war manning 21cm Mortars and 15 cm...
  4. Steve Nick

    General Leichtenstern's Pickelhaube

    I purchased this helmet probably twenty years ago from a collector in North Bay, Ont. Who claimed he purchased it from a Royal Canadian Legion post that had fallen on hard times due to declining membership. How the helmet wound up in Northern Ontario is beyond me. About six months after I...
  5. Steve Nick

    Württemburg 123rd Grenadier Regiment - Puzzler

    As part of “the downsizing” a few years ago, I decided to keep one helmet that was representative of the Kingdom of Württemburg. Württemburg had two premier Infantry Regiments; the 119th Queen Olga’s Grenadiers and the 123rd König Karl’s Grenadiers. This helmet is an enlisted ranks Clothing...
  6. Steve Nick

    Kaiserliche Marine Officer Cap Insignias

    Looking to confirm originality. The Reserve Officer example (Silver cross in the middle of the Reichkokarde) I've had for years and I pretty sure it's a good one. The 2nd example is one I just got off Ebay. It went so cheaply that I wonder about it, although comparing the materials and the...
  7. Steve Nick

    Wappens for Sale - Part 2

    Prussian Jager Private Purchase Tschako with Grenadier cypher, Regiments 1,2,5, and 6, brass. Missing cross from top of crown. $125 Prussian Infantry OR’s Landwehr, brass, pattern 1871, all intact , nice patina. $200 PM me if interested.
  8. Steve Nick

    Restoration parts wanted

    Trying to correct some deficiencies in a few helmets. I'm looking for the following parts: Qty 1 Prussian Officer Kokarde - M71 8mm mounting hole 54 mm diameter Qty 2 Silver spike base dome studs -threaded with 10mm dome Qty 1 Prussian M15 Infantry Wappen Qty 1 NCO Reichskokarde with 8 mm...
  9. Steve Nick

    Wappens for Sale

    Bavarian Pattern 1896 Infantry Wappen. All intact. $110 US plus shipping. Prussian Infantry Model 1895 approx. 60% of gilt remaining. All intact. $95 US plus shipping. PM me if interested.
  10. Steve Nick

    Baden House Order of Fidelity OR's Star

    I picked up this 109th Grenadiers OR's Wappen recently on the off chance that I might be able to find the missing Order of Fidelity star. The 109th is my favourite Imperial Regiment so I couldn't resist. I know it's a long shot but it gives me something to hunt for.
  11. Steve Nick

    Unusaul Bavarian 1896 Crownless Wappen

    I recently purchased this Wappen in a group lot. From the photos provided by the seller (there were 11 plates in the lot) I figured this one was a piece of junk because the owner had cut the crown off after the Bavarian monarchy had been overthrown. I think we've all seen Wappens de-faced by...
  12. Steve Nick

    1916 Pattern Stalhelm

    I bought this years ago from a good friend who wanted a representative German helmet in his WW I Canadian medals collection. Sadly, he was disposing of his collection as he had a terminal illness. I knew the helmet had issues but he was trying to spare his wife having to sell off his stuff so...
  13. Steve Nick

    Bavarian Lifeguard Regiment One Year Volunteer

    Although this style of silver fitted Enlisted Ranks Picklehaube was worn by the Life Regiment as well as the Bavarian Railroad Battalion, the four Pioneer Battalions and the telegraph Battalion, I prefer to think this helmet belonged to a One Year Volunteer of the Life Guards due to the quality...
  14. Steve Nick

    Merit Crosses of the Free Hanse Towns

    In August of 1914 the Free Hanse Towns of Hamburg, Bremen and Lubeck had no existing military equivalents to the Prussian Iron Cross although they had instituted a joint medal for the war against Napoleon in 1815. The three Free Towns therefore created Military Merit Crosses for the Great War...
  15. Steve Nick

    Kinder Sabel

    I thought I'd add to this interesting topic by posting this kinder sabel. I ran across this at a Flea Market years ago. Lucky for me the vendor had no idea what it was beyond a scaled down version of a sword. Note the sharkskin and wire wrap. Unfortunately, there is no makers mark on it...
  16. Steve Nick

    1910 Model Prussian or Saxon Krätzchen ??

    I’ve had this Krätzchen in my collection for probably 30 years or more. My primary interest has been Pickelhauben and I picked this up in a trade as a representative example of what the Army wore in the field when the Pickelhaube or Stalhelm wasn’t required. It's well marked. However, the...
  17. Steve Nick

    Prussian Kurassier Model 1867

    This is another helmet I’ve had for decades and never really paid a lot of attention to it. I knew it had some issues and needed some TLC to make it as “correct” as it could be but until my retirement, I never spent the time. I’d like to solicit your more informed opinions as to what this...
  18. Steve Nick

    Filzhaube 1915 patten

    I thought I'd share my Ersatz Filzhaube 1915 patten complete with rear spine and front visor trim and removable spike. I've had this one for many years. I tried to focus on the 1895 pattern for enlisted ranks but picked up a few pieces to illustrate the evolution of German Army Headgear. I...
  19. Steve Nick

    The King’s Prize (Konigsschiessabzeichen)

    In 1895 the German Army began the practice of awarding a prize for marksmanship in the Infantry, Jägers and the Artillery. The award was extended to include the Machine Gun units in 1903. Each of the four Kingdoms within the Reich made these awards. The Kingdoms of Bavaria, Saxony and...
  20. Steve Nick

    The Kaiser’s Prize (Kaiserschiessabzeichen)

    In 1895 the German Army began the practice of awarding a prize for marksmanship in the Infantry, Jägers and the Artillery. The award was extended to include Machine Gun units in 1903. The Kaiser’s Prize was awarded to all units under Prussian control, and utilizes the straight-sided Imperial...