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  1. Steve Nick

    Regimental Stein – 14th (1st Baden) Field Artillery

    Tony: Gorgeous pieces. Both the boards and the Haube.
  2. Steve Nick

    Regimental Stein – 14th (1st Baden) Field Artillery

    Tony: The missing picture of the shoulder strap as promised.
  3. Steve Nick

    Regimental Stein – 14th (1st Baden) Field Artillery

    Tony: The strap is directly under the handle below where it meets the body of the stein. You can just see the edge of it in the photo. I have a clearer shot of it but I think I was under the impression that I was limited in the number of photos I could post. Maybe thinking of another forum...
  4. Steve Nick

    Saxon Pioneer Stein Collection

    Some beautiful steins on display here. I think collecting steins makes for a really interesting hobby.
  5. Steve Nick

    Regimental Stein – 14th (1st Baden) Field Artillery

    This stein was purchased by Reservist Schäfer who served in the 5th Battery of the 1st Baden Field Artillery Regiment "Grand Duke" Nr.14 from 1909 to 1910. The regiment was garrisoned at Karlsruhe. This one is a hard to find example as it commemorates service in two units during Reservist...
  6. Steve Nick

    Prussian ersatz

    It is absolutely period. I had one of these for many years it too had the Wappen secured with a single screw. It too was factory painted in black and later sprayed in Feldgrau. It went during "the downsizing".
  7. Steve Nick

    Stamp Help

    Certainly looks like a neglected but real Gardes Infantry OR's helmet. The biggest obstacle in my view (assuming the liner is intact) will be finding a visor trim that fits without looking like it was forced to fit. I have enough orphaned pieces of visor trim that I've wound up with over...
  8. Steve Nick

    Chip Minx's passing

    I never met Chip but I certainly knew him by reputation. Seems like he was a fixture on the Imperial collecting scene. I first knew of him when he was a member of the production team of the old "Kaiserzeit" magazine back in the 70's. The hobby will be diminished by his loss.
  9. Steve Nick

    Latest find Hessian I R 115 felt Ersatz

  10. Steve Nick

    Rodney my superman

    Amy: Very sorry to hear this news. I thought of you both every time I saw one of your posts recently. My condolences. Steve
  11. Steve Nick

    Prussian enlisted spiked helmet

    The two Wappen holes show that a Wappen with a shorter distance between the mounting loops was on the helmet at some point. That coupled with what appears to be a silvered or polished steel visor trim on a brass fitted helmet would be enough for me to pass on it.
  12. Steve Nick

    Please help about 4 cockades

    I agree with Sandy. I'd pass if they were offered to me.
  13. Steve Nick

    Please enlighten me

    Amy: Any chance that the mounting loops on the Wappen have been re-soldered to fit the Saxon hole spacing? Assuming that the helmet shell is actually a Saxon one? Bit of a long shot. It's an odd marking certainly.
  14. Steve Nick

    Restoration parts wanted

    Qty 2 Silver spike base dome studs -threaded with 10mm dome Qty 1 NCO Reichskokarde with 8 mm hole (for mounting chin scales) Sourced on line. Please PM me if you have any surplus dome studs you're willing to part with. Steve
  15. Steve Nick

    Zollbeamten Adler

    A beautiful striking with stunning detail.. That's when Tool and Die makers were consummate professionals. Can't imagine how many hours went into the preparation of the dies for that plate.
  16. Steve Nick

    ersatz helmet factory

    I used to do seminars in Manufacturing Process Improvement. I would have loved to have this photo as a teaching aid. Absolutely the poster child for how not do do volume manufacturing even if it is all manual assembly. o_O
  17. Steve Nick

    1918 Stahlhelm - Dark Humour?

    Interesting. Some other "good luck" talisman?
  18. Steve Nick

    1918 Stahlhelm - Dark Humour?

    Thanks Tony. I have a 1916 a 1917 and this one as examples of Stahlhelms. This one is the best of the three.
  19. Steve Nick

    1918 Stahlhelm - Dark Humour?

    Re. the Title, I was always intrigued by the small ochre circle painted right in the middle of his forehead. Talk about tempting fate ? Or maybe just an example of the dark humour prevailing in the last months of the war? On another forum it was suggested that the circle was an Eastern European...
  20. Steve Nick

    Ersatz felt helmet with different , strange liner

    I'm with Alan on this one. The brown liner may be unusual but that doesn't make it incorrect. I wouldn't rule this helmet out based solely on the liner.