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    Pickelhaube Cabinet

    New member but certainly not a new collector ;) Impressively collection, thanks for showing
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    another Brit

    Hi Tony, I join the others in welcoming you to the forum; looking forward to your first “content” posting. Regards, Lars
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    Wurttemberg M15

    In that case I wouldn’t worry too much, nice if it could be similar to the plate as it is the most visible, but it will be very hard to find exactly the same shade of gray ;)
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    Wurttemberg M15

    Hi, Are the grommets and the lugs made of steel, and the plate made of tombak? (not so easy to see) In that case it would be more correct to have all the fitting in steel, but with a tombak plate it would look better with aluminiumbronze fittings. Regards, Lars
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    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    Hi John, No problem. I've only tried to help you identify the canteen, given my evaluation of available sources, explained why I value sources differently, and given my conclusions. That doesn't mean that you need to agree with me. If you're convinced it is a M67 German canteen then that's...
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    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    Hi John, Your example illustrates the problem perfectly: what is shown above as an M1893 Feldflasche actually isn't. It is very similar, but not the same. The strap that runs to the bottom of the canteen should have an aluminium "knob" at the bottom, not a buckle. The carbine hook is incorrect...
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    Pioneer Batl 10 enlisted helmet

    Beautiful :)
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    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    Hi John, Unfortunately no, the article in the link from post #3 describes how the Swiss compared models from surrounding countries with Swiss models, and then decided on a Swiss design, so they didn't buy these from the Germans. The M67 is the first sealed pattern of a Prussian canteen, so...
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    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    Normally a pretty reliable source ;)
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    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    Hi John, Unfortunately it is not so easy to find a good source for the correct Prussian model. I normally rely on the books published by "Militaria Verlag" (the books written by Kraus are superb), but the volume about German infantry up to 1914 contains several errors, and also identifies the...
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    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    If you google for "Feldflasche 1881 schweiz" you'll find a lot more references. Many dealers try to sell this canteen as German, as it looks similar; Stewarts Antiques even says so: "The German troops carried similar canteens....."
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    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    See page 28
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    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    Hi John, I'm very sorry but it looks like a Swiss 1881 model to me. Regards, Lars
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    Saxon Pioneer Stein Collection

    Pionierhorn and reservist 1, Beautiful collections, thanks for posting. Regards, Lars
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    Estate collection of pickelhaubes for sale

    Pure65, You are here for an appraisal of originality and value so you can monetize an inheritance of pickelhauben. I'm fine with that, you clearly indicated that in your first post, and individual forum members can choose for themselves if they want to engage. The ability to identify fakes...
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    Ebay Guards du Corps helmet

    I've posted some headgear over the years, but some posts are already so old that the pictures have disappeared :eek:
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    Ebay Guards du Corps helmet

    Welcome to the forum Andreas, One of the great features of this forum, apart from the extensive amount of knowledge available, is the tone of voice used. "Belligerent" language is rather uncommon, especially if someone is trying to give you advice. Maybe you can show (a part of) your...
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    Great grandfather of all Pickelhaubes M1842

    Beautiful condition, congratulations!
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    1. Garde Regiment Zu Fuss Grenadier NCO

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    236 straps

    Hi Steve, According to Kraus, "Die feldgraue Uniformierung des deutschen Heeres 1907-1918", page 518, the Kriegsministerium specified the piping colours for Reserve Regiments 201 to 240 on 20.8.1914, and for RIR 233-240 this was green piping ("hellgrün). Regards, Lars