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  1. b.loree

    M95 Baden Pioneer Battalion No.14

    Thank you USN. If you compare the pre fit photo of the liner with what it looks like now you can see how through my handling, some of the liner has flaked off. :( The new stitch line...
  2. b.loree

    M95 Baden Pioneer Battalion No.14

    I finally finished this piece a week ago, it turned out pretty well but there was a lot of work involved in getting things back to original condition. Some photos of the finished helmet: Fortunately, I had bought a front visor with neusilber trim off of Ebay several years ago. It fit but both...
  3. b.loree

    Mecklenburgisches Jager Battalion n. 14 group.

    Now we have an awesome Mecklenburg resource here on the forum. Thank you very much Zeb for taking the time to post this series of photos! 👍
  4. b.loree

    12 October: a sad anniversary. But this year, a new heartbeat

    You forget T that I also peed with excitement when I first saw your collection about 20 years ago! 😊 Congratulations on your new dog. 👍
  5. b.loree

    L K R 1 enlisted helmet in Feldgrau

    Great to have you back with us Steve! Congratulations on these two awesome helmets!
  6. b.loree

    M95 Silver Visor Trim

    Thanks Amy, I will send you an email with a drawing showing dimensions. I will also be mailing your helmet back to you this week.
  7. b.loree

    Canadian Thanksgiving

    Sigh.....yes James, we do. As I have told you many times, you really need to come North and get back to your roots. Maybe even spend a couple weeks in Quebec?? 😊
  8. b.loree

    Helmet opinions

    Welcome Dave. I believe the Reichs kokarde to be a repro or at least repainted. The spike base brads are also reproductions due to the fact that the prongs are copper, they should be brass. The brass grommets in the front of the shell are positioned for the original helmet plate that was put on...
  9. b.loree

    Tin Pickelhaube with low chances on being original....

    Consequently, Peter you made a good decision by joining us here on the forum! 👍
  10. b.loree

    Canadian Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians here on the forum! 👍
  11. b.loree

    M95 Silver Visor Trim

    Looking for a piece of white metal/silver M95 OR visor trim to complete a helmet. I am aware that there is one on French Ebay but I don’t want to pay that price plus shipping.
  12. b.loree

    Hi from Antwerp Belgium

    Welcome Peter great to have you join us. We have several longtime Belgian members here on the forum. 😊
  13. b.loree

    DR18 marking

    Beautiful wappen and strap T! With wappen the “Devil is truly in the details “. Bruno, your Mecklenburg quartet are simply awesome. I can not remember ever seeing the M15 and artillery versions before.
  14. b.loree

    Jack in box

    Ha!😁 very cool presentation of a very nice Artillery Haube! Congratulations. 👍 So often, leather straps on those helmet cases are broken or completely missing.
  15. b.loree

    Final Decision on Forum Monetization

    Thank you Andreas, I did receive it, much appreciated.
  16. b.loree

    Prussian M17 universal field cap

    Awesome condition Zeb! Looks new!
  17. b.loree

    Mecklenburgisches Jager Battalion n. 14 group.

    Yes love them Zeb, just way more money than I can afford! Fantastic examples! 👍
  18. b.loree

    Totenkopf IR 92 Pickelhaube

    Unfortunately, Andreas that member has passed on but he had a fabulous collection. We are very lucky that the photos he posted are still on the forum. You can count on the fact that his helmet is the real deal, a true example.
  19. b.loree

    help to identify this Pickelhaube for officer from Hesse-Darmstadt

    Just a reminder....we do have an extensive thread on Hessen helmets in the pickelhaube discussion area. Beautiful example Bruno!
  20. b.loree

    Totenkopf IR 92 Pickelhaube

    I would echo all of the above and add that the wappen screw posts are modern flat head screws soldered on. 👎