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    Very cool post cards; Brian is right the detail the artist put into the depictions of the Pickelhauben, French Medals is fantastic. I wish I had the time and patiences to translate the writing on the back of the card. John
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    Basket Case Felt

    This is great work, you do some amazing work on this basket case. Best regards, John
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    Greater New Orleans Militaria Show 23 & 24 October 2021

    Friends of mine are having a show next weekend just North of New Orleans. Jeff Shrader Advance Guard Militaria and Robert Wilson tarbridge/ are among the dealers planning to attend. In addition, Dan Clifton of Old Patriot Militaria is one of the sponsors of the...
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    Bavarian ersatz spiked helmet

    pickelhauben, I look forward to seeing your repairs of this fragile and expensive Pickelhauben. Best regards, John
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    Mecklenburgisches Jager Battalion n. 14 group.

    Zeb and Tony, Thank you for the excellent detail on Mecklenburgisches wappen. In this day of expanding fakes/ repro wappen, this is an excellent resource of the correct style one should see when out hunting at antique malls, flea markets, militaria and gun shows, the internet, etc. Best regards...
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    Bavarian Pionier Georg Müller a German Soldier in the Great War

    Tony, Sandy, et al., It has been said I am like a dog with a bone, and I agree somewhat. Because I cannot let go of a subject until I have researched a historical topic from multiple angles and sources. I guess that this obsession indicates that I am a historian at heart. Best regards, John
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    Bavarian ersatz spiked helmet

    Zeb Thank you for that bit advice on a repair on such a Pickelhaube. I will put the information in my memory banks in case I require it some day. Best regards John
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    Bavarian Pionier Georg Müller a German Soldier in the Great War

    I am pleased that y'all enjoyed the information I was able to find on this soldier. Best regards, John
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    L K R 1 enlisted helmet in Feldgrau

    Steve, Great additions to an already fantastic collection. Thank you for sharing your latest additions. Best regards, John
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    12 October: a sad anniversary. But this year, a new heartbeat

    Tony, Great to see you with a four-legged friend again. Best regards, John
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    Helmet opinions

    Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for honest information concerning all things Pickelhaube. Bestregards, John
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    Bavarian ersatz spiked helmet

    Zeb, How would you repair the damaged portions of the felt part of the pickelhaube? I appreciate any help you can provide. Best regards, John
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    Bavarian Pionier Georg Müller a German Soldier in the Great War

    Here is a larger picture of Müller's service files.
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    Bavarian Pionier Georg Müller a German Soldier in the Great War

    In November 2019, I picked up a small group of items that included real period cards or RPC at the semiannual Tennessee Military Collectors show. One of which was a picture of a German soldier wearing the 1914 Iron Cross Second Class. I found this card interesting because someone printed a...
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    Canadian Thanksgiving

    I never knew the the day we celebrate Columbus Day is Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Day to our friends up North. John
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    Jack in box

    Charley Very nice looking group and are well preserved after 100 + years. Best regards John
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    Zeltbahn model 1892

    Wojtek Great piece of history and in fantastic condition. John
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    Prussian M17 universal field cap

    Cannot say more then that it looks like it came off a store shelf.
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    Pickelhaube Polizei Elsass - Lothringen

    Fantastic addition to your collection!