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  1. Spiker

    L K R 1 enlisted helmet in Feldgrau

  2. Spiker

    Thüringisches Inf. Reg Nr 95

    Free shipping to the UK . I don’t know how much UK customs will charge.
  3. Spiker

    Thüringisches Inf. Reg Nr 95

    Too Late ,
  4. Spiker

    WW1 Camouflage M16

    looks good from here
  5. Spiker

    ersatz helmet factory

    I think you overestimate some parts of the world ;)
  6. Spiker


    Some people think the German pickelhaube disappeared after WWI … this is 1921 and this is 1937
  7. Spiker

    ersatz helmet factory

  8. Spiker

    I R 95 or I R 153 officers helmet

    I see , thanks.
  9. Spiker

    I R 95 or I R 153 officers helmet

    Another great find Steve (y) I have this version , would this be OYV or NCO ? it was made as cheap as possible.
  10. Spiker

    An untouched Braunschweig pickelhaube.

    H.CLEMEN is the maker of this helmet Bruno, the mark is in the rim. The other helmet has no makers mark.
  11. Spiker

    An untouched Braunschweig pickelhaube.

    Thanks for the nice reactions fellow collectors . 2nd.Leibhusar , when ever you are in the neighborhood feel free to drop by ;) Tony , your knowledge about this matter keeps amazing me.
  12. Spiker

    An untouched Braunschweig pickelhaube.

    My latest find (Click twice on the picture to enlarge.)
  13. Spiker

    An IR 95

    Wow , all the beauties are coming out to play. Great helmet, congrats. (y)
  14. Spiker

    7.Thuringisches Inf. Regt. 96 / III Batl.

    Congratulations !!!
  15. Spiker

    I R 93 Anhalt

    Great helmet in a fantastic condition , … you are waking the collector up in me … it is starting to itch again … all your fault :giggle:
  16. Spiker

    Prussian general pickelhaube

    Number one is a general and two is Bavarian. The spike of the generals and the “1 Garde-reg. zu Fus” helmets turn inward at the base. However, this is not a rule , both helmets have been found with the Bavarian type overlap.
  17. Spiker


    OK stoss, as long as the paint does not appear in the pitting holes is should be fine. Here’s mine , but it suffered from more corrosion. Not all of the stirnpanzers are marked.
  18. Spiker


    Nice find , but I have doubts about the paint.
  19. Spiker

    Another M15 Wurttemburg enlisted helmet

    Nice find (y)