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  1. Schiavona13

    My only Raupenhelm

    Its not Dutch and not Belgian
  2. Schiavona13

    New Lewis Gun

    Very nice piece !
  3. Schiavona13


    Very nice !
  4. Schiavona13

    WWI Animated move Sgt. Stubby An American hero

    Here is the trailer
  5. Schiavona13

    Help id this chinstrap

    Help can somebody ID this chinstrap It looks like from a raupehelmet but the ends donnt match
  6. Schiavona13

    Busbies in China

    I found this and looks to me that the wappen is a dragon text with the photo ( translated from french to english ) from L'illustration 24 june 1905 Seven Chinese officers, having already spent four years at the Wou-Chang military academy, have just taken up service in Germany. Three of them...
  7. Schiavona13

    Shooting Cords KAGGR#1

    nice collection !
  8. Schiavona13

    Ciney Militaria date change due to Corona

    The spring edition has being cancelled completly Next edition is planed for 25 November
  9. Schiavona13

    Computer Program for Collector Inventory

    Can someone post a screenview , how its looks ?
  10. Schiavona13

    Computer Program for Collector Inventory

    there is a lot on the market and it all depends on the wishes you have . some have only one photo option others are only webbased so its really difficult to advise one
  11. Schiavona13

    Unusual Wappen Scroll

    I found a other one on the web
  12. Schiavona13

    Help identifying a sword . Blucher Sabel

    W stands for Prussian and 05 for 1905
  13. Schiavona13

    Need your help if possible

    I my trying to loced his helmet , It was sold in Juni of 2005 at Brunk Auctions in Asheville NC . The auctionhouse is not willing to help me :( The helmet is a mismatch of different Dutch helmet types but it has parts I need to compleet a other helmet If anybody knows the collector how...
  14. Schiavona13

    New Member from USA

    welcome on board
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    Some of my British helmets

    Nice collection =D>
  16. Schiavona13

    Dutch artillery Busbies Pelzmützen

    I think that everybody was looking at everybody and copying a little bit
  17. Schiavona13

    Dutch artillery Busbies Pelzmützen

    Hey Guys , Here are two Dutch Busbies worn between 1895 and about 1910 by the field artillery Left is a officier and right a soldier
  18. Schiavona13

    Ciney Militaria date change due to Corona

    Date is changed to 14 june
  19. Schiavona13

    Another ersatz... made of cork and cloth !

    If the dealer was in the room at the auction and Philippe left a writen bid normally the rule is that the room has the advantage and the bid wil go to the roombidder if the writen bid will not go any higher
  20. Schiavona13

    SOS 2020

    Yes I have a couple but no complete one , and prices are really skyrocketing