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  1. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Prussian 16th Dragoon officer

    Definitely a great find James !! gorgious helmet :love:
  2. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Saxon Garde Reiter

    Just stunning !!... :love: ...super- Haube
  3. 2nd.Leibhusar

    L K R 1 enlisted helmet in Feldgrau

    That is amazing, Steve....👏...never seen one in "the flesh".. just beautiful !!
  4. 2nd.Leibhusar

    DR18 marking

    I heard that my photo with regimental marking had "disappeared" in this topic, so here it is again for the enthusiasts..
  5. 2nd.Leibhusar

    DR18 marking

    Bruno,...awesome quartet !!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  6. 2nd.Leibhusar

    DR18 marking

    Hi guys, as requested pictures of the marking of mine DR18..
  7. 2nd.Leibhusar

    DR18 marking

    In the picture on the right , my precious.....:love: an EM DR18 so called "Kammerstück"...
  8. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Mecklenburgisches Jager Battalion n. 14 group.

    YES !!!!! I love 'm.... Great group you're having (y) (y) (y) :love:
  9. 2nd.Leibhusar

    What kind of helmet could that be?

    Indeed , a very known and poor copy
  10. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Le sabre et le goupillon

    The priest ? is standing next to Kronprinz Rupprecht von Bayern...
  11. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Saxon Pionier Straps in my collection

    that's it ! :love: (y)
  12. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Help with shipping

    Please note that customs fees and import duties can be very high. Best to check this on the website of your home country before bidding. You can easily add 25% or more in costs.
  13. 2nd.Leibhusar

    M16 helmet named,...searching for info IR72 Lieutenant

    Hi guys, I found a beautiful M16 from an old Belgian collection. The helmet is complete and has a name of a lieutenant that I am trying to "decipher". hopefully somebody can help me. Looks like this Lieutenant was in Infanterie Regiment 72, 3rd Company (3/72). This regiment was in Belgium for...
  14. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Another find after the S O S 1 L K R 1 officers Ringkragen

    fanastic material as ever Steve...just superb...a feast for the of my favorite regiments :love: :love:
  15. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Wanted EM Gray Arty Ball Top

    Conversation send ...
  16. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Opinions - 1870 EK1

    Hi Peter, I'd be careful with this one. I think this is a reproduction. It looks very thick, few details and the "bows of the arms" at the bottom right of the last photo are uneven. Also, I think "800" means the silver content...and this EK doesn't look like it was made of silver. Not to mention...
  17. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Patriotic armband, bracelet.

    Lovely piece , Coert...well done (y) especially with that text "Vor Ypern 1915, Dein Bruder Jacob"...perfect !