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  1. pickelhauben

    Greater New Orleans Militaria Show 23 & 24 October 2021

    I got there at 11 I think the show was kind of a bust . Only 3 pickelhaubes in the whole show 1. Hessian EM or NCO brass with scales plate was a little high on the helmet $1,900 2. Oldenburg Off VG + shape $2750 3. New Deli JZP didn't bother asking price. To me the best thig in the show was a...
  2. pickelhauben

    Greater New Orleans Militaria Show 23 & 24 October 2021

    Hey John, I will be there at about 11
  3. pickelhauben

    Basket Case Felt

    Wow Do you have any history on this felt ? It traveled almost all the way around the globe .
  4. pickelhauben

    12 October: a sad anniversary. But this year, a new heartbeat

    Sweet dog ! Hopefully she is not a chewer
  5. pickelhauben

    Mecklenburgisches Jager Battalion n. 14 group.

    Yes a dream collection !!! Thanks for posting.
  6. pickelhauben

    Basket Case Felt

    Sure ! Please do so Thanks guys for the kind remarks.
  7. pickelhauben

    Basket Case Felt

    There was one almost as bad on ebay a few weeks back with a welded together spike !!! . The guy originally wanted $600 I offerd $100 but it sold for $150 This came from a board member.
  8. pickelhauben

    Basket Case Felt

    This how I received the helmet.
  9. pickelhauben

    Basket Case Felt

    I blocked it for a couple of months and these next pics show the rough repairs This side had a piece missing. I have 2 doner helmets that are unrepairable but I am able to use parts off of them. Here is the other side with the tear glues together. Almost done Some paint touch up...
  10. pickelhauben

    Basket Case Felt

    Hey Guys, Here is my latest challange. I actually got this felt from a forum member. When done it will be a gray Prussian Arty The large rips in the back have been there a while , so long that the edges of the tears have actually rubbed together that the edges are rounded. This unfortunatly...
  11. pickelhauben

    Bavarian ersatz spiked helmet

    I have submitted a few restorations of felt helmets on the restoration thread. I am presently working on one with SEVERAL TEARS that I have yet to finish.
  12. pickelhauben

    L K R 1 enlisted helmet in Feldgrau

    I second that. WOW !! !OK third that
  13. pickelhauben

    Mecklenburgisches Jager Battalion n. 14 group.

    Top shelf shakos !!!!!
  14. pickelhauben

    A big hello to all

    Hello, Welcome ! I to would love to see your helmets.
  15. pickelhauben

    Kugel for an 1895 Brass Kugelhelm

    Aprx $150- $250 for full ball and base plate.
  16. pickelhauben

    Saxon Kokarden

    Aprx $100 -$200 each You would need a Sax and Riech with rounded edges.
  17. pickelhauben

    Chinscale Build - Guards Convex

    This is an easy one. 1. First line up your templet scales on the edge of your brass. That will give you the correct taper of the scales to be cut. 2. Cut the strip and heat up with a butane or MAP torch. As soon as you get a uniform color quench in water 3. Get a wooden dowel aprx 3/8 of an...
  18. pickelhauben

    German Anti Aircraft Gun On A Flat Bed Truck

    I can’t seem to find the pic of the m -16 with matching camos could you possibly post them up?