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  1. Schiavona13

    Help id this chinstrap

    Help can somebody ID this chinstrap It looks like from a raupehelmet but the ends donnt match
  2. Schiavona13

    Need your help if possible

    I my trying to loced his helmet , It was sold in Juni of 2005 at Brunk Auctions in Asheville NC . The auctionhouse is not willing to help me :( The helmet is a mismatch of different Dutch helmet types but it has parts I need to compleet a other helmet If anybody knows the collector how...
  3. Schiavona13

    Dutch artillery Busbies Pelzmützen

    Hey Guys , Here are two Dutch Busbies worn between 1895 and about 1910 by the field artillery Left is a officier and right a soldier
  4. Schiavona13

    Ciney Militaria date change due to Corona

    Date is changed to 14 june
  5. Schiavona13

    A Dutch Mitra / Mitre

    Hoi Guys , This year christmas came in spring and an empty wallet as well after this baby came to me Its a Mitra or Mitre front plate of a grenadier of the Dutch States Army Only a handfull of the frontplates have survived and nearly all are in museums ( I know of one more in a privat...
  6. Schiavona13

    For sale Frontplate / Wappen of Venezuela pickehaube

    For sale a Frontplate / Wappen of Venezuela worn from 1954 to 2006 Asking 75 eur excl shipping
  7. Schiavona13

    5. Hannoversches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 165 im Weltkriege

    I have for sale 5. Hannoversches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 165 im Weltkriege – 1927 in a nice condition Im asking 120 eur excl shipping More pictures on demand
  8. Schiavona13

    For sale Prussian Frontplate with rare central connection system

    Prussian Frontplate with rare central connection system Im asking 100 Eur ex shipping or can be picked up a Ciney Militaria in a couple of weeks time
  9. Schiavona13

    Lockport NY Medal

    Hi Guys Does anybody know more about this medal . Is it rare ? how many where issued ?
  10. Schiavona13

    Test, just a test

    This is spam , see Wikipedia
  11. Schiavona13

    Viec lam ke toan

    spam from vietnam ....
  12. Schiavona13

    Grouping 1870 / 71 with Cross of Merit for Women and Girls

    I just wanted to show you this grouping I bought a couple of years ago . It contains the Cross of Merit for Women and Girls ( Ehrenkreuz für Frauen und Jungfrauen ) with its original box and instruction . Only 2979 awarded
  13. Schiavona13

    Steel Helmets with out ventilator horns

    Hey guys , I was wondering why every now and than i come across a M16 / M17 or M18 where the ventilator horns have being taken off . Is there a special reason for that ?
  14. Schiavona13

    Help ID a Pickelhaube

    On a Dutch forum this pickelhaube was presented but the big question is . From where is he ?
  15. Schiavona13

    Dutch M1886 Colonial Army helmet

    Dutch M1886 Colonial Army helmet made from felt worn till 1894 This model was based on the British model
  16. Schiavona13

    Dutch belltop Landstorm 1813 - 1815

    Hoi Guys , im back after a few years of absent Like to start with showing you this Officers belltop shako ( Schakot ) from the periode 1813 - 1815 The frontplate has the text "Eendragt maakt Magt " in English "Unity makes strength " At this moment there are only two know examples
  17. Schiavona13

    Unkown Attila German ? Belgium ?

    How can help me ID this attila . There are know marking of any kind and the label is blanco from washing ....
  18. Schiavona13

    for me unknow ammo box plate ?

    Who can help ID this plate :?:
  19. Schiavona13

    Dutch M1894 Colonial Spikehelmet for Cavalerie Officiers

    Hey guys I would like to show you my very rare M1894 spikehelmet for Colonial Cavalerie Officiers The body is made of cork covered black fabric so the damage very easy and not a lot survived
  20. Schiavona13

    Dutch sjako M1854 Off. Schutterij / Civiel Guard

    I recently purchased this Dutch sjako M1854 for officers of the Schutterij / Civiel Guard it was worn till 1865 wenn the new model was introdused