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    Prussian Jäger zu Pferd Enlisted Man’s Pickelhaube

    All I have seen are from CE Juncker, like Mark's.
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    Bavarian ersatz filz.

    Nice catch!
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    The best of my German steel helmets collection.

    Tony, it was always more or less like that in Europe (at least where I know of) regarding memories from the nazi era, and rejection may be getting even stronger nowadays. Almost everything related to the Third Reich makes a very sensitive issue. In France there are now private people digging...
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    Wurttemberg Pioneer Batl 13

    This is it! Great, thank you, James.
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    Wurttemberg Pioneer Batl 13

    Laine did all the artwork himself, Steve. You are correct about PB13; wrong spike on the drawing. I had not noticed. Didier Laine acknowledged there were a few mistakes in his book. There was actually a leaflet inserted in new copies, which listed these errors. I don't have it anymore but...
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    Hello Patrick, The top three are original pictures in postcard format I found as a lot, a long time ago. I identified the village recently, by pure coincidence: I recognized the place on another old picture I saw on internet. Knowing the place, I looked for related photos in WWI, and found the...
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    Bargain Pickelhauben

    Amy, forget about their descriptions (I know who writes them...). The good thing is they present multiple excellent pictures of each item. Rely exclusively on pictures, use your own judgement and experience, and/or take advice. This is my suggestion for next time, if any...
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    Apologies for the much belated response, Steve. Yes, I would bet the chronology is fall of 1914/1914-1915 winter/spring of 1915. In the meantime, I think I have identified the village as Buzancy, Aisne (just a few miles away from where the Pickelhaube auction took place two weeks ago...). I can...
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    Rare French ersatz helmet

    Well, the Germans did it a lot...
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    Did you mean Ciney 2021, or is it the 2020 show that was postponed to this year? Nice older model of Tschapka (although I could not see the "jus"). Is it marked?
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    New purchase

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    Saxon metal helmet

    Hi, It looks like one of these older british copies. Easy to spot on a side view: the shell is higher than normal for a circa 1914 helmet. Would you have such a picture? Besides, the rims, liner, spike are the same as on these fakes, which often come in black colour.
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    hussar cap of the 17th Brunswick regiment

    I am really impressed, Sergei. Incredibly well done!!
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    Help with Markings

    Yes, it should be Saxon regiment 134. In this case, 00 should stand for 1900. This is how they indicated the year of attribution: last two digits (this was specific to Saxon markings).
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    Prussian Jäger zu Pferd Enlisted Man’s Pickelhaube

    I have only seen this on JzP helmets, and actually only on 8.J.P helmets (correct me if I'm wrong)! I do not know the story behind this matching. And the range is wide: here, 105 to 420... Two of mine below:
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    Just arrived today Saxon L G R 100 and Hessian L G I R 115

    Very nice, Steve. Any markings on the GR100 helmet?
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    Prussian Jäger zu Pferd Enlisted Man’s Pickelhaube

    Nice helmet, Mark! And nice pictures... Is there a number stamped on the shell under the eagle, and a matching number painted on the eagle wing? Thank you;
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    Bargain Pickelhauben

    Of course, Amy: Aisnes Encheres Address: 2 Rue des Charliers, 02200 Soissons, France Phone: +33 3 23 53 79 01
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    M95 Baden Pioneer Battalion No.14

    The result is indeed spectacular! Bravo, Brian.
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    Bargain Pickelhauben