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  1. JzPf

    Jager Regt zu Pferde Enlisted

    Thank you, gents. It is appreciated! Cheers, Dennis
  2. JzPf

    Jager Regt zu Pferde Enlisted

    Jager Regt zu Pferde #3 XV AK Colmar i.E.
  3. JzPf

    Kaiserzeit Magazine

    Wow! Such a blast from the past. I was IGMCA #901. My brother still has the Kaiserzeit collection, although I don’t believe it is complete. I think my card was signed by Wm Hammelman.
  4. JzPf

    Saxon Garde Reiter

    Beautiful Steve, thanks for sharing Dennis
  5. JzPf

    Pickelhaube Cabinet

    Great looking displa, thanks for sharing Cheers Dennis
  6. JzPf

    18 volumes of the Reichsarchiv. I just could not resist.

    You can never have enough reference! Nice find Cheers Dennis
  7. JzPf

    Pioneer Batl 10 enlisted helmet

    Steve, nice addition to make a nicer set! Thanks for sharing Cheers, Dennis
  8. JzPf

    Great grandfather of all Pickelhaubes M1842

    A very nice helmet! Congrats
  9. JzPf

    Saxon Pioneer Stein Collection

    Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing Cheers, Dennis
  10. JzPf

    $5K Fake Prussian Pilot's Badge on ebay by seller online_gsale

    Tony, the bleach was painful, but not as painful as looking at this fake! Cheers Dennis
  11. JzPf

    I R 91 Oldenburg

    Steve, impressive as always! Dennis
  12. JzPf

    Feldgrau Garde Grouping

    Wow, great sets and helmets! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Dennis
  13. JzPf

    Three Wartime Officer helmets

    Beautiful, you hit the trifecta! Cheers Dennis
  14. JzPf

    Ersatz Green painted Cuirassier helmet

    James, A nice and hard to find helmet. I had one years ago but it had a horsehair style liner and was marked on the inside back trim 8JP Great find! Cheers Dennis
  15. JzPf

    Feldgrau Kurassier Regt. Von Driesen (Westfalisches) Nr. 4 Officer

    Beautiful set, thanks for sharing! Cheers Dennis
  16. JzPf

    First Donation 2021

    Hi Brian, Contribution sent, thanks for all your hard work on the forum. Cheers Dennis
  17. JzPf

    Thoughts about JzP Officer-Helmet

    Sandy This Officers JzPf helmet looks good in my opinion, although the interior is not in great shape. The JzPf Officers helmets were to have a "black" body, but you'll see many "Interim" helmets that were nickel body. So here are a couple of mine, JzPf Regts 1-4 & 7 (5 & 6 had black chin...
  18. JzPf

    Cartouche Box 1LKR1

    Outstanding, another great find! Cheers, Dennis
  19. JzPf

    Pickelhaube + uniform + paper same soldier

    A great set! Cheers Dennis
  20. JzPf

    General Leichtenstern's Pickelhaube

    An absolutely gorgeous helmet, thanks for sharing! Cheers Dennis