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  1. pickelhauben

    Question On Hessian Grays

    Hey Guys, Given the Germans did not throw anything away , I have 2 Hessian grays with cross bases. One with a standard spike and one with an arty ball. Both with extra holes for a standard spike base that the cross covers up. Both with NO extra holes behind the plates. Hessian plates have a...
  2. pickelhauben

    Rare And Original Not sure if this one is from New Deli or from a trade school practicing metal work with an Indian teacher.
  3. pickelhauben

    Looking For EM Gray Metal Rear Spine

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a 7 inch ( inside measurement from edge of bill to rim of spike base ) This apparently is a long one. I have 4 all too short. I contacted Brian hoping he would have one in stock. He had several NO DICE. Can anyone help me out in trying to find these hens teeth ?
  4. pickelhauben

    Basket Case Felt

    Hey Guys, Here is my latest challange. I actually got this felt from a forum member. When done it will be a gray Prussian Arty The large rips in the back have been there a while , so long that the edges of the tears have actually rubbed together that the edges are rounded. This unfortunatly...
  5. pickelhauben


    HEy Guys, I have two Hessian gray helmets that I have gotten about 10 years apart. One with cross base and standard spike the other with an arty ball. I took both apart to reveal 4 extra holes under the cross base for a standard spike. The cross base holes are punched out. No trace of the...
  6. pickelhauben

    More Parts Wanted

    He Guys My parts list is growing longer and longer Grey Metal Prussian EM plate ( There is one now up for sale on France eba rear spine Long chance Oldenburg EM cocarde Still looking for Relic felts ( basket cases )
  7. pickelhauben

    Ersatz Felt Info Needed

    Hey Guys, I just got a felt shell in that needs LOTS OF WORK !!!! All of the hardware is missing. Obviously it had a rear spine with shutter but no sign of front visor trim . I have never seen this set up before . I have seen the front visor and no rear spine . Has any body else seen this set up ?
  8. pickelhauben

    Wanted EM Gray Arty Ball Top

    Hey Guys, I know that this is a long shot but I am looking for a gray metal EM Arty ball top. If you have the base to go with it I will take that as well. Thanks in advance.
  9. pickelhauben

    Unusual Painted Camos Pic Looks like a group of helmet painting artisons.
  10. pickelhauben

    Looks to be a liner to Pickelhaube bead roller.

    So that is how they got those liner beads to flatten. Great factory pics as well !
  11. pickelhauben

    Rare Austrian Helmet

    Hs has some pictures some were of this style helmet being used in service. Hmmmmm......
  12. pickelhauben

    Restoring Another Felt

    Hey Guys, I got this felt off of a forum member when I was seeking basket case felts.( I still am looking for them ) The dome was sunken in and the rear stitch line was torn along with the spike base. I was able to put the dome back into shape using an antique hat stretcher, a threaded eyelet...
  13. pickelhauben

    Pioneer Wurt Felt ??

    Hey Guys, Has anybody ever seen or heard of a Pioneer Wurt felt helmet ? I am rebuilding a felt that has several tears on it and a silver EM plate I have fits perfect on it. But I have never seen a picture of one in the 25 years that I have been collecting.
  14. pickelhauben

    This Belongs In A Museum

    If legit. I have not seen a camo combo in this pristine condition...
  15. pickelhauben

    Saxon Felt Cocardes

    Hey Guys , I picked up a Saxon felt that needed a little help. It did not come with the cocardes. The post on Saxon cocardes is still wiped out due to the photobucket debacle. Because of being ersatz I would believe that it needs the saw teeth around the edges. It seems that there are more...
  16. pickelhauben

    Brass EM Reserve Or Landwehr Plate Wanted

    Hey , Does anyone have a brass EM plate they are willing to part with at a reasonable price ? Thanks, Matthew
  17. pickelhauben

    Felt With Unusual Spike Back Up Plate

    He Guys, What do you think about this one ? Looks to be original to me . Have you guys ever seen a back up device such as this ?
  18. pickelhauben

    Did This Guy Use A Football To Make This Top ?
  19. pickelhauben

    Unusual Wappen Scroll I have never seen this type of scroll. Is it legit ?
  20. pickelhauben

    Wurttemburg Front Plate

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a decent Wurt EM plate . I just got one in and it looked great but after cleaning it turned out to be copper ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) Missing antlers is OK but I rather have them on the plate.