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    Strange Metal M15 Ersatz photos

    Hello all, I’ve finally received the Metal Ersatz helmet I posted about a month ago and am now posting better up close photos as requested by b.loree. Unfortunately as expected both the chinstrap and cockades are reproductions. I was told that the underside and how the Wappen and bolts are...
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    M18 Ear Cut out

    Hello all apologies as my last post on the helmet had the photos deleted somehow... Have received the M18 Cut out and it is indeed genuine, angles and maker's stamp and all. I believe the damage to be de-milling as opposed to shrapnel damage unfortunately. Please let me know what you think of it!
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    M18 Ear Cut Out

    Hey guys, wondering about this damaged M18 ECO. The last pic shows as too large but it has ET 64 and looks all good to me. Was wondering with its current condition what a good price would be to pay for this. Looks to retain a good amount of original paint but obviously no liner and there is...
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    Medic’s M1915 Adrian

    Wanted to share this very nice French Medic’s Adrian in my collection.. complete with chinstrap and early blue liner.
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    Ersatz Metal Pickelhaube I’ve just won on Grenadier auctions...

    Hello all! I’ve just won this metal enlisted Pickelhaube on Grenadier auctions! It looks to be complete although the chinstrap is a little suspicious to me. What opinions do you fellows have? Hammer price was $850.
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    Private Purchase Pickelhaube Impulse Buy

    I just won this off of an impulse on eBay... very interesting piece, I don’t believe it to be “battle damaged” but I think the price was right for what it is. I paid $334 for it. I think there are some mismatched pieces such as the spike... was $334 a good price for this or did I get burned...
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    Young(ish) Collector’s Collection

    Hello! I have been a collector for about 5 years now, I am 21 and collect from the First World War, my collection consists of all countries but lately I’ve been primarily collecting Imperial German. I’ve only one Pickelhaube at the moment, a Prussian M15 marked to the 30th Pionier Regiment. I...