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    Rare French ersatz helmet

    Dear all, A very rare ersatz French Adrian helmet. Conversely to the Germans, the French would not allow those helmets to be worn at the front. They were made by private manufacturers (one in fact) for use when away from the battlefield. As a private purchase, it would be bought mostly by...
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    Prussian ersatz kugel

    Dear All, It has been ages since I posted anything! Here is a fairly recent acquisition: a little felt for a Prussian artilleryman, named. The helmet has aged nicely with with all the metal parts having aged nicely and turned almost black. The interesting feature is the chinstrap which appears...
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    Schirmmutze for Baden reserve Jager officer

    Dear All, here is for sale a lovely looking schirmmutze for a Baden reserve officer. lovely and elegant high crown in beautiful condition with no moth nips on the red piping whatsoever. the doeskin is almost in flawless condition. The cap would easily rate rate 1 but for the following: -...
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    M.16 with unusual camo pattern

    Dear All, I am selling this lovely M.16 with an interesting camouflage pattern made of rounds shapes circled in black. Untouched helmet and paint rating around 90%. The leather liner band in present and untouched. Only the chinstrap and the three liner pads are missing. I would be tempted...
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    A very neat ersatz helmet with interesting features

    Dear All, Here is a vert neat little fitz helmet with a few interesting features: - first, double-pressed felt pads on each side of the chinstrap lugs. Both stitched at the time of manufacture; - secondly, some rather unusual methods of fixing the front plate. The holes are, like most felt...
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    A nice set for a French lieutenant-colonel

    Dear All Just came across this and could not resist the temptation of buying it [-o< A set for a French lieutenant-colonel of the French infantry around 1880. Not so much my period of collecting, but both condition and rarity won me over. Beet Alex
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    Helmet for a Wurtt. Officer of Feld Art. Reg.13

    Hi All, A fairly recent acquisition which came as a complete set directly from Stuttgart. The body is made of vulkanfiber, hence the very well-preserved condition of the helmet. No sign of tweaking, modification or anything so I can confidently say that it is coming to me pretty much in the...
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    Bavarian ersatz on Ebay

    Hello All I was wondering what you would make of that one.... sounds and looks fine to me, subject to the state kokarde looking funny and a rear split pin being broken. Best Alex
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    Pickelhauben and Covid-19

    Dear All I thought I would pick your brain and seek your opinion on the subject of how the current health crisis - which is likely to turn into a severe and long-term worldwide economic downturn - has or might affect the value of our collections. This is a subject which I have already seen on...
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    Ersatz black tin helmet

    Dear All Another ersatz from me... This time another variation of the Prussian tin helmet. Bright black lacquered one-piece helmet within a liner being all leather held by a metal ring attached from the inside. The inside of the helmet is covered with a kind of ersatz material fixed to the...
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    French Adrian M15 private purchase

    Dear All Once it had become clear that a steel helmet was the way forward, the French Government asked several French manufacturers to place a bid to manufacture a new helmet. The firm Franck & Co placed a bid with a helmet made in “acier trempé” but the project was rejected because the...
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    French commandant képi in its box !

    Dear All Another piece of my French collection, this time a képi for a commandant of the 133 inf. reg. in its box. The piece is in mint condition, not a single hole, not a scratch, not a smudge and the colours are still vibrant, almost like on the day it was made, back in 1900. It was made by...
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    A nice Baden for an enlisted of a train battalion

    Dear All Since I have had time and the weather has been, another one of my helmets for your comments. This time, a straightforward Baden for a train regiment TR.XIV dated 1904. Also named to his former owner in the inner part of the front visor. All leather, traditional construction and...
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    Guard shako M.15

    Dear All, In this period of confinement, I have more time to get pictures of my helmets!! Here is another shako, this time for a guard regiment. Traditional M15 with nice guard front plate painted in grey. It has not been moved anytime recently, as can witness the leather tongs very tightly...
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    Another ersatz... made of cork and cloth !

    Dear All This is one of my great favourite ! Another ersatz, this time made of cork and covered with cloth. Also known as the Palestinian pickelhaube (not sure there is much truth to that), it is a very light, fragile and flimsy helmet which, I believe is rare to find due to its very fragile...
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    M95 Saxon ersatz made of...

    Dear All, A recent one, this time a Saxon ersatz pickelhaube made of cardboard and vulkanfiber ! Not an usual one to find, especially in good condition and complete. No apparent modifications and original ersatz liner made of some kind of oiled cloth material, with a velvet feel to its...
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    Prussian shako troop M15

    Dear All A reasonably recent acquisition, this nice shako for EM mod.15. All original, and never cleaned. Not a rare piece but I like its originality and its sleepy condition. Some marking (1916) and a clean interior. Any comments are welcome. Best
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    French képi for a dragon of the 9th reg. 1914

    Dear All A recent acquisition of mine to complete my French headgear collection. This a beautiful képi for a French dragon EM of the 9th reg. of dragons based in Epernay (north of France). A regiment which was heavily involved in the first months of the war and sustained heavy losses. The...
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    Very fine Prussian uhlan helmet M15

    Dear All A recent acquisition in an exceptional condition. I would qualify it of mint. Unfortunately, I have been unable to post pictures as an attachment so please find the link here: The helmet is clearly unissued. On inspection, it would seem that it was...
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    Pickelhaube for a Prussian line infantry officer

    Dear All A recent acquisition from Germany. A well-worn but still beautiful shape, helmet for a line-infantry officer of the Prussian State. The body of the helmet is made of vulkanfiber, hence the very good overall shape. A lovely helmet I find, with a great patina overall. Clearly, a piece...