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    Bavarian Pickelhaube.

    Bavarian Pickelhaube. Please see attached. Opinions welcome. Best, Chris.
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    Bavarian Pickelhaube

    Bavarian Pickelhaube. I think it's a private purchase example of an 1895 model. No regimental letters or numbers. The shell is in very good condition, sorry about the dust!, but the chin strap and cockades are reproduction in my opinion. I hope the rest is good!! Best, Chris.
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    Pickelhaube dressing/polish enquiry Has anyone tried this product? Any good or too harsh? Best, Chris.
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    How to gEntly cleaning exterior of pickelhaube.

    Hello from the UK, How should I go about gently cleaning the exterior of a pickelhaube to remove several years of dust accumulation? A soft cloth and nothing else? Thanks v. much in advance! Best, Chris.