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  1. SvenK

    Pickelhaube from the Colony Era

    Hello everyone, please take a look at this offer. A Pickelhaube from the colony era, did that really exist in this era? Pickelhaube Colony Era Thanks Sven
  2. SvenK

    German aviator helmet for the summer

    Hello, everyone, you search all over the internet to find headgear from the two world wars and then suddenly the neighbor comes along and says that he still has something in the basement. I couldn't stop being amazed. A "Netzkopfhaube" LKpN101 of the German Luftwaffe from the WW2. It is...
  3. SvenK

    What kind of helmet could that be?

    Hello, everyone, i found this beautiful helmet and I need your help. It looks like a "Kürassiere" or a "Jäger zu Pferde" helmet and the way the leather is worn out, it is correspondingly old. But the spike base is strange. I've never seen one like this anywhere. Do you have any idea what kind...