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    Double Schwarzburg NCO medal bar

    Nice double schwarzburg Medal bar .
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    Saxon st Henry medal to 103rd IR

    103rd IR 4th Royal Saxon regiment Cool combo to a brave Saxon NCO
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    Bavarian / Third Reich Officer medal bar

    I used to have a large collection of medal bars sadly only have a Few left ! Long serving Bavarian.
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    Saxe Weimar White falcon knights medal bar

    Nice Imperial / 3rd Reich Luftwaffe Officers bar ! White falcon is my favorite order .
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    Prussian EM pickelhaube

    Repro chin strap seems someone made this by hand ? Prussian cockade is repro but national one is original, Named Erdmenger on rear visor . Dated 1914 BAX stamp also
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    My 1st pickelhaube a Bavarian reserve officer

    Very happy with this early Bavarian Officer helmet !