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  1. SkipperJohn

    Mr. Potato Head Guard Pickelhaube

    Here are a few examples I found on a quick search. I do not know if any of them are original, but they may lead you to some of the answers. Not all of them have every aspect of the helmet you have pictured, but they may help track it down...
  2. SkipperJohn

    Authentic Helmet?

    I finally got the first webpage to open. The helmet looks good to me, except, of course, the replacement liner and missing parts. The Canadian price is within reason. I would still shy away from the other two (assuming I am looking at the same ones you are). They are in pretty rough shape for...
  3. SkipperJohn

    My little collection - Pickelhauben

    Absolutely beautiful pieces, each and every one! May I ask who is the manufacturer of the JzP? It seems that your Wappen is the "stout" type that I pointed out in a comparison thread that I wrote. Very distinctive. John
  4. SkipperJohn

    Authentic Helmet?

    I would love to help you but I can't get the first webpage to load. This may be a forum issue. I can see the helmets on the second site and, to be truthful, I believe they are asking way to much for what you would get. JzP are not that uncommon. You may want to wait for a good one. John
  5. SkipperJohn

    Württemberg EM 95

    I agree. A very nice example. John
  6. SkipperJohn

    Saxon Uhlan Tschapska M1860

    Thanks Tony. John
  7. SkipperJohn

    Saxon Uhlan Tschapska M1860

    What is the seam between the front half and the back half of this Tschapka? It looks like two helmets have been sewn together. I do not own a Tschapka and I am not very familiar with them at all, but I have not seen this seam before. Really curious. John
  8. SkipperJohn

    Baden Helmet

    Exactly!!! John
  9. SkipperJohn

    Baden Helmet

    After having the opportunity to look at some larger photos I agree with 911Car. I don't think this is an M1871 helmet. The profile is incorrect. I now believe that this is a parts helmet built out of an M91/95 helmet shell. I would stay away from this one, especially if the seller refuses to...
  10. SkipperJohn

    Baden Helmet

    The chinscales are held together with a bolt instead of the normal fastener at the front. This is not all that uncommon. The rosettes are not proper for this M1871 helmet as Brian mentioned. It should have screw posts instead of rosettes. This would be an easy change and you can find original...
  11. SkipperJohn

    Trouble Adding to a Post

    Is anybody else having trouble adding a comment to a post? When I try to add a comment I get a message "oops a failure has occurred". When I close it my comment posts twice. Sorry, it's very hard to explain, but it is proving to be a royal pain. John
  12. SkipperJohn

    Helmet opinions

    The Wappen looks like it fit perfectly. Beautiful restoration. Have you tried this website for parts? John
  13. SkipperJohn

    The best comes last

    Very nice set. John
  14. SkipperJohn

    Here's my last Hurrah of the year

    Congratulations! A superb helmet in like new condition. You are starting the new year off right. John
  15. SkipperJohn

    On the firing line with the Germans YOUTUBE VIDEO

    How much war has changed, Yet still remains the same. Semper Fi, John
  16. SkipperJohn

    New strap for the collection

    That has been one of my favorites for some time Tony. I love the early stuff and the silver on black just puts it over the top. Outstanding set. John
  17. SkipperJohn

    Hello from Brugge (Bruges) Belgium.

    Welcome aboard! John
  18. SkipperJohn

    Prussian felt

    Outstanding! John
  19. SkipperJohn

    Miss MacPhillips

    At todays rates it would probably cost a "bazillion" dollars to mail that now. Amazing pieces. Outstanding! John
  20. SkipperJohn

    Peter Jackson's Collection

    Wow --- Just WOW! John