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  1. Sandmann

    Can you please help on cackades originality

    It’s hard to tell. I have a bad feeling about all of them. Concerning the upper left cockade, the splitting of the rays inside looks too narrow to me.
  2. Sandmann

    Cavalry and Infantry deploying during maneuvers

    Great photo, thank you for sharing (y):)
  3. Sandmann

    Original recipes for black military Leather-Lacquer

    Thank you all for participating and testing. Unfortunately, due to physical limitations, I can't work much by myself. That's why I'm happy when my research pays off :)(y)
  4. Sandmann

    25th dragoons mantel

    Beautiful piece, congratulations :)
  5. Sandmann

    Mr. Potato Head Guard Pickelhaube

    Steve, when you search the internet for noble monograms, they always refer to the first name. They are the wearer's personal marks and should not be confused with a family crest. Such monograms were used on personal letterheads, gifts, tableware, and even clothing. The staff would probably not...
  6. Sandmann

    french war bond posters

    Nice finds, congratulations. These are pieces of history and you're doing everything right (y)
  7. Sandmann

    Wappen to clean off the dirt build-up.

    Although I would use as less chemicals as possible, the result looks great (y)
  8. Sandmann

    6th Bavarian Field Artillery Regt Enlisted Man

    Nice photo Bob, thank you for sharing.
  9. Sandmann

    Mr. Potato Head Guard Pickelhaube

    Graf Alfred zu Dohna-Schlobitten Philippe: But the noble name is „zu Dohna-Schlobitten“. If the „S“ would really refer to the last name, it would contain the letters „D“ and „S“. That's also why I don't see that this crowned "S" refers to Count Alfred zu Dohna-Schlobitten.
  10. Sandmann

    Mr. Potato Head Guard Pickelhaube

    I‘m sorry Philippe, but I have to disagree. The cyper letter always refer to the first name, not to the last name. If it would indicate to the last name all nobles of a family would have the same.
  11. Sandmann

    Mr. Potato Head Guard Pickelhaube

    The cypher is from a German Count (Graf), which is a higher nobility. This would fit to a General of the cavalry or General à la Suite. The "S" should indicate the wearer's first name.
  12. Sandmann

    Begian sword

    Beautiful Blade, congratulations :)
  13. Sandmann

    My little collection - Pickelhauben

    I love it Brusik, really nice(y)
  14. Sandmann

    Looking for early leather Pickelhaubes from manufacturer „Wilhelm Jäger“

    Dear friends, I'm looking for early leather helmets from "Wilhelm Jaeger" and would be nice if you could post photos of helmets from this manufacturer. The background to this request is that I found newspaper articles in which it was stated that Wilhelm Jaeger manufactured the Pickelhaubes for...
  15. Sandmann

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin Dragoon Regt 17 - Vizewachtmeister - mounted

    Beautiful photo Bob, thank you for sharing (y)
  16. Sandmann

    Swedish Police "kask" pickelhaube

    Welcome to the Forum, Hakke. You have a beautiful display and nice helmets, congratulations. I’m looking forward to learn more about swedish Pickelhaubes :)
  17. Sandmann

    My little collection - Pickelhauben

    Beautiful helmets, thank you for sharing :)
  18. Sandmann

    Original recipes for black military Leather-Lacquer

    Ah ok, I thought the left picture shows the polished finish :eek: . In this case the result looks great, well done (y) Wojtek, have you also seen the variations of the leather lacquers below my last recipe, on the following pages? Very interesting with wax or Asphalt to get a slightly thicker...
  19. Sandmann

    Original recipes for black military Leather-Lacquer

    Hmm, looks like this recipe was not successful because there is no shiny finish. Sorry for that, but thank you for testing. Was it the last one?
  20. Sandmann

    Use Of The Word ‘Wounded’ Debated After Footage Of Armor With Cannonball Hole Went Viral

    Thank you for this article. Unfortunately, it is really symptomatic of our time that people get upset about everything and everyone or like to make stupid sayings. I am also of the opinion that the commentators have set the priorities wrong here and should skip the disrespectful comments.