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    french war bond posters

    Thank you very much, Michiel.
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    Train Battalion 7 trumpeter

    Very nice Bruno. I have one with very similar markings, but a scruffier version! Michael
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    french war bond posters

    Very nice collection. Really nicely displayed. I am also only able to display a small number of my posters, away from the public area of the house! Michael
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    My little collection - Pickelhauben

    I agree. Very nice Tschapka! I am looking forward to what comes next! Michael
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    My little collection - Pickelhauben

    That is a fantastic example. Great. Thanks for posting the photos. Michael
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    Garde Du Corps NCO tunic

    For comparison, here is my 2 Garde Dragoon Regt Waffenrock. The main differences are the collar and the the kurrassier lace on the GdC tunic.
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    The best comes last

    Very nice.
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    Assistance needed with 3-Cavalry Lance Pennants

    Tony I didn’t know that about the hand stitching - every day is a school day! I have checked and all mine do have that characteristic. Here are a couple of close ups of the Baden NCO pennant showing those parts. Michael
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    Assistance needed with 3-Cavalry Lance Pennants

    Here are two more. Both are approximately 28 inches long and 13 1/2 inches wide. The NCO’s is stamped with BAG 1913 and GKR 1913. The EM’s is stamped 2GDR. The eagle on the NCO’s is similar but not the same as Alan’s above. Michael
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    Assistance needed with 3-Cavalry Lance Pennants

    Here are 4 of my pennants - with apologies for the quality of the photo, but its the only one I have to hand. I will try and get some better photos when I have some time. The Prussian NCO and Baden EM are approximately 28 inches long, the Baden NCO is 29 and the Prussian EM 27. All are...
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    Under collections - not just Pickelhaubes?

    That is an amazing collection! I would be more than happy to own just one of them!! Thanks for sharing. Michael
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    Eisenbahn Regt. 2

    Great to have both active service and reservist/ Landwehr versions. Both stunning helmets. Michael
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    Jager Regt zu Pferde Enlisted

    Very nice.
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    Just arrived today Saxon L G R 100 and Hessian L G I R 115

    Wow! What a nice delivery to receive! The Hessians look fantastic. Michael
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    Bargain Pickelhauben

    Tony Here are some of the wappen. I have the catalogue so will try and post more when I get time tomorrow. Michael
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    Bargain Pickelhauben

    Glad you got it, Steve. I was after one of the Pickelhaubes but was outbid by some way. My wife has taken a note of the auctioneers for when she is disposing of my collection!
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    M15 OR's Tschapka "Bond Helmet"

    Excellent work, Brian.