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    Saxon Pioneer Stein Collection

    I have recorded 50 different lithopanes in my stein collection.
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    Ross M-10 Mk III Rifle

    Very nice Ross Charles. If you do not have a copy of A Rifleman Went to War by H.W. McBride it is a very interesting work with a lot of information about the Ross rifle. the book is available from Amazon.
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    Bavarian War Merit Cross Question

    There are 3 ribbons associated with the Bavarian Militar-Verdienstkreuz. The following photo shows the 3 ribbons. The ribbon on the left is for non military personnel, the center ribbon is a non combat award and the one on the right is a combat award.
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    Saxon Pioneer Stein Collection

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Be very careful with regimental steins. About 30 years ago I decided to buy just one stein to go with my helmet collection and look what that did to me. As you can see from part of my collection in the photograph the things are addictive.
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    Saxon Pioneer Stein Collection

    Honesty I try but keep falling asleep part way through the first shelf.
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    Saxon Kokarden

    Tony, it is not perfect but a pretty nice example of an issue GRR
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    Saxon Kokarden

    Jaeger Bn. 13
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    Oldenburg Kokarden

    M95 OJR 91
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    The Prussian Kokarde

    Line Kurassier officer
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    Oldenburg Kokarden

    OJR 91 Officer
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    Oldenburg Kokarden

    M1871 OJR 91
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    Anhalt Kokarden

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    Saxon Kokarden

    Garde Reiter Regiment
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    Saxon Kokarden

    Model 1867 Schwere Reiter Regiment
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    Hessen Kokarden

    Infantry Regiment 115
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    Mecklenburg Kokarden

    FR90 enlisted.
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    Wagner Silver-Gilt Pour le Mérite

    Very nice Charles.
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    Pointed helmets with Guard-Star without being of the Guard.

    I believe the U.S.B. marking indicates the NCO school at Biebrich. The school was opened in 1867 and in 1914 moved to Wetzlar. See Das Deutsche Heer, volume 1, page 246 and Militaerische Kopfbedeckungen der Kaiserzeit by Reiner Hermann, page 154.
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    Displaying Swords

    I use two styles of racks to hold swords. Both are simple to construct and can be adapted to swords or bayonets of any length. The first two are made from wood planks cut in a triangular shape to act as bases with dowels used as stringers to set the distance apart. Short dowels are then set into...