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  1. Amybellars

    Merry Xmas

    The sun has risen and it's Christmas day. Merry Xmas 🎄 to all in this chat forum I have gone quiet for a while as I am sewing blankets for a nursing home and the project has kept me busy. I will be back soon.
  2. Amybellars

    My last helmet for 2021 A Feldgrau shako for Fusilier Regt 108

    Nice. My last addition is a jzP Will add a separate post when time permits
  3. Amybellars

    Bargain Pickelhauben

    Such good friend is hard to come by 😂
  4. Amybellars

    Bargain Pickelhauben

    OK. Thank you
  5. Amybellars

    Bargain Pickelhauben

    Yes I miss it but then again it's nothing that I really missed. I had dealt with that auction house before and they are not honest on their description. They did not describe accurately and refuse to take returns or give discount.
  6. Amybellars

    Bargain Pickelhauben

    Bruno, can I know the name of the auction house? Thank you
  7. Amybellars

    Canvas Ersatz Authentic?

    Very nice helmets. You have done well.
  8. Amybellars

    Saxon Garde Reiter

    Wow, it will take a long time for me to find one of such
  9. Amybellars

    M95 Silver Visor Trim

    Brian what is the length of the visor trim that you need
  10. Amybellars

    Jack in box

    Nice helmet. Congrats
  11. Amybellars

    M1915 Wurttemberg Enlisted Man Helmet

    M15 helmet complete with original chinstrap and cockades. Exterior body has lost its coat of leather. This is the only problem that explains why I am selling the helmet. No extra hole and there is a tear on the liner but all fingers are intact. Please let me know if you need more pictures...
  12. Amybellars

    Wurttemberg M15 wappen

    I will be listing one on the sale page by end of this week. No extra holes wurttemberg
  13. Amybellars

    Wurttemberg M15 wappen

    Funny that we see more wurttemberg officers than we see wurttemberg m15
  14. Amybellars

    Pickelhaube Cabinet

    Very nicely display of the collection. Mine are all on the open shelves
  15. Amybellars


    I am with you on the paint work.
  16. Amybellars

    Hi from another Brit with the bug

    Hi Drew The haubes disease is very contagious LOL
  17. Amybellars


    There's a TB 8 on Age of Kings at the moment too.