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    German Resident Willing to Help with Ebay?

    Hello Fellow Collectors, Are there any German members here who would be willing to order and reship to Canada some militaria from an eBay Germany seller who won't send here? Cheers, Arran.
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    My First of 2020

    I was very pleased to get this one, and will go into its significance and interesting construction in another thread, but for now, here is my new helmet of the mounted escort of President Porfirio Diaz of Mexico:
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    Brass Bodied Ersatz

    This is a variety I've not seen before! Certainly looks original...
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    Imperial Navy Officer's Tropical Visor Cap

    This is a scarce and lovely peaked cap as worn in warmer climes by officers of the Kaiserliches Marine. It is composed of a cream light weight wool twill, lined in a combination of silk and linen, and finished off with a matching calf-skin perforated sweatband. The lovely bullion/metal cap...
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    When I try to send a private message, it lingers in my outbox and will not go through- can an admin look into this for me? Thanks, Arran.
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    Officer's Pre-War Leib-Garde Hussar Busby

    Before sending off to consignment or auction, I thought I would first offer this lovely busby to members here. It is a pre-war, otter fur covered officer's busby of the elite Leib-Garde Hussars, and is complete to parade with its correct cords, plume, and bag (removable). More photos are...
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    Pr. Model 1874/87 ammo pouches, 120th Regt.

    These are not a true exact pair, but they came together and are both marked to the 120th Infantry Regiment, (2nd Württemberg) "Emperor William, King of Prussia". The first example is impressed on the back "120.R.1875 F.B." and ink stamped in the lid "120.R.1888 F.B." The belt straps have been...
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    Edwardian Officer's Home Service Helmet

    This is a lovely dark green cloth covered cork officer's helmet of the Durham Light Infantry, circa 1910. The helmet plate is multi-piece, of superb quality- as is the rest of the helmet! Approximately a size 7. Priced at about half what they usually go for! US $550.00 plus shipping...
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    "My American Cousin"

    Firstly, Season's Greetings! Many of you will have seen this helmet when it was first unearthed by Peter S., and you may have wondered where it went. Well, it travelled north of the border, although not too far, and now resides with a few of its relatives. Certainly the addition of the year...
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    Unidentified Court Sword

    Hi Folks! Can anyone help me with identifying this sword and its coat of arms? Thanks, Arran.
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    Nice Helmet

    This nice helmet should get snapped up- I happen to know the owner will accept $600. Needs just a little work...
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    Help identifying Epaulettes

    Hi Folks, I have these mystery epaulettes I'm hoping to identify. Similar to German ones, with a dark blue backing, gilt mounts, and a pale yellow field. Each originally bore three stars. Any ideas? Cheers, Arran.
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    Early Prussian General's Parade Tunic

    I've owned a few of these over the years, but this is by far the nicest of them! The fabric is fresh and bright, and the bullion embroidery retains most of its original gilding, which really makes it stand out. The size is reasonably large (about 42-43 chest) and there are loops for a long...
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    Sending Private Messages

    Help! I have a message that's been sitting in my outbox that I'd like to send, but with no luck. I've had this problem before- it tells me the message is sent, but when I go to check its not in my sent messages, but left in my outbox. What am I doing wrong? Cheers, Arran.
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    Help with a Sword

    Hi Gents, I recently received this sword in a trade, and its completely outside my realm of knowledge. It was suggested that it might be from Wurttemberg, but for all I know it could be some sort of South American export model. I've tried to get pics of the salient features and markings...
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    Some Rare Tunics

    I'm parting with a couple of rare tunics. The General's tunic is attributed to General d Cavalry Von Wissendorf of the VII Army Corps 1887 Munster, but would benefit from further research. The GdC Gala tunic is a true rarity, with only a few surviving in collections. E-mail me for details and...
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    Prussian Generalleutnant Shoulder Boards

    Here is a lovely matched pair of epaulettes for a Prussian Lt. General, in very nice condition. These are hard to find and much more expensive when offered by dealers and auction houses! SOLD. I accept Paypal and ship worldwide...
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    4th Cuirassier Officer Shoulder Boards- "Rittmeister"

    Excellent original condition! $300. Will ship worldwide, and I accept Paypal...
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    Early General's Coatee?

    Hi Folks, I recently picked up these two. I know the one on the right is for a Prussian Civil Official, but what is the one on the left? The cuff and collars are the General's pattern as used by several different states, but beyond that I'm at a loss. The basic colour is a dark green...
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    I love eBay!

    One of my better scores on eBay (although not the best!)...