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    Merry Christmas

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    2K Helmet

    Please check out this helmet: I truly hope that you have nice things to say about it because I purchased it. I have been looking for one for a long time to go with a unit marked Luger...
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    Cuirassier helmet maker

    I have a Cuirassier helmet that is all steel, with no brass besides the wappen. The maker stamp is "?AMASCHK(E or F)" and the date stamp is 1916. The first and last letter of the name is partially covered by the washers of the spike base attachment studs. Is anyone familiar with this maker...
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    19th Hussar Busby and Luger

    I couldn't find a proper place to put this, so if it is wrong I apologize. I know that this is not the normal parade brush. I have been told that this one was used for funerals. Neil
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    Dragoon Stuff

    Here's a few photos of my Dragoon stuff. Neil
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    My first attempt to post photos

    Okay, let's see if it works.
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    I am new to this Forum

    Hi Guys and Gals (the latter is an assumption). My name is Neil Young, and no I am not part of the Crazy Horse group and I can't sing at all. Since I am older than the singer, we can't say that my Mom was infatuated with him, hence my name. I am a fairly new collector, only about 5 years...