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    Anhalt Kokarden

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    Newly Available Reference Books

    The Austrian firm, Verlag Militaria, has recently released a new title in their exellent series of reference books on the Imperial German Army. The latest book, The German Infantry from 1871 to 1914 Uniforms and Equipment by Ulrich Herr and Jens Nguyen, is a two volume set providing in-depth...
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    Reference Books

    In a recent thread in the "Helmets on Ebay" section a discussion of an item advertised as an original maschinengewehr Abteiling shako,, pointed out the benefit of reference books. The value of good references cannot be overstated...
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    Invalid session message.

    When trying to post something, either text or text and a photo I frequently get "invalid session please resubmit the form" What am I doing incorrectly? Reservist1
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    J.R. 84/L.J.R. 84 helmet

    There was some discussion in another thread about a helmet marked to J.R. 31 also being marked to L.J.R. 31. For those interested in this sort of thing the following line infantry helmet also has matching line infantry and landwehr infantry numbers. Reservist1
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    Cuirassier Officer

    This is the last of my recent acquistions. Reservist1
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    Issue Saxon Guard Reiter helmet

    I was also fortunate to recently acquire this unit marked Saxon Guard Reiter helmet. Reservist1
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    Kaiser Alexander Guard Grenadier Regiment Mitre

    After years of searching for an example in decent condition I recently acquired this other ranks mitre from the fusilier Bn. The following illustrates one of the cast brass eagles located on the sides and rear of the mitre. This post card from the 100 year jubilee provides an...
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    Garde Kurassier Stein

    An interesting variation on regimental steins is the Mettlach model 2140 stein. These earthenware PUG (print under glaze) steins feature a nicely executed print concerning a specific unit. The stein shown below is from the Garde Kurassier Regiment and was made in 1895. The lid is a well...
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    Souvenir from a convention of Saxon Jaegers

    This badge relates to a convention of Jaeger & Schutzen personnel held in Leipzig from June 13 - 15, 1903. Reservist1
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    125 year commemorative badge for Fusilier Regiment 90

    This stamped, silver plated, badge commemorates the 125th anniversary of Fusilier Regiment 90. The reverse of the badge is maker marked Deschler & Sohn, Munich. Reservist1
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    Regimental Stein From a Machinegun Company

    This stein belonged to Schutze Mauch who served in the machinegun company of Wurttemberg Infantry Regiment 121 at Ludwigsburg from 1908 through 1910. All of the side scenes are machinegun related. Reservist1
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    Bavarian Infantry Rgt. 13 stein with animated figure

    This stein belonged to Infantrist Muhling who served in the 5th company of Bavarian Infantry Regiment 13 at Ingolstadt from 1908 through 1910. One of the more expensive options on steins was a large glass domed crown finial with an animated scene. The scene is typically an officer on...
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    Regimental stein from Fusilier Regiment 80

    This porcelain stein was owned by Reservist Butz who served in the 4th company Fusilier Regiment 80 from 1897 through 1899. Reservist Butz chose a thumblift for his stein that is a detailed bust of William II in his Guard du Corps uniform. Reservist1
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    Telegraph Bn. 1 stein

    This short earthenware stein belonged to Richard Kirrbach who served in Telegraphen Bn. 1 from 1907 through 1909. The chevron on the shoulder strap indicates that the wearer had passed a training course as a field telegrapher. Reservist1
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    Unusual style Regimehtal Stein

    This is a very unusual style earthenware regmental stein manufactured by R. Merkelbach in Grenzhausen. The stein belonged to Pionier Mayer who served in the Kraftfahr Company of the Bavarian Luftschiffer and Kraftfahr Bataillon from 1912 through 1914. Reservist1
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    Eisenbahn Regiment 3 stein

    This earthenware stein belonged to Reservist Kurzinski who served in the 3rd company Eisenbahn Regiment #3 at Hanau from 1911 - 1912. He also served in the 1st company Eisenbahn Betriebs Abteilung of the Eisenbahn Brigade at Schonberg-Juterbog from 1912 - 1913. The stanhope in the globe under...
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    This reservist wanted all the whistles & buzzers

    This tall raised relief earthenware regimental from the 4th Howitzer Battery, 3rd Guard Field Artillery Regiment in Beeskow was owned by Reservist Gefreiter Stohr who served from 1912 - 1914. Gefreiter Stohr apparently wanted all the options on his stein. One of the gunners on the lid is...
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    A souvenir for the reservist and a birthday present for Mom

    This tall raised relief pottery style stein was purchased by Reservist Falkenhein who served from 1911 - 1913. The owner was in in FAR 61 and was also assigned to the Field Artillery Marksmanship school in Juterbog. The front scene has shoulderstrap insignia from both FAR61 and the FAR...
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    Regimental stein from the 2nd Bavarian Jaeger Bn.

    I thought it would be interesting to show some of the more unusual regimental stein shapes. The following is from the 1st company, 2nd Bavarian Jaeger Bn. The owner was Gefreiter Baum who served from 1908 - 1910. This style stein is referred to as the tree trunk. As you can see the handle is...