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  1. Drewwerks

    My third pickelhaube restoration (1916)

    Hi this is starting to become a habit. My third project is in pretty good order with it's original steel grommets and no extra holes to fill. I have found a late steel wappen (thanks Freikorps1919) with the correct distance between loops (78mm). An original piece of steel visor trim has also...
  2. Drewwerks

    Prussian OR's Field Grey plate wanted

    Hi I am looking for a Prussian OR's Field Grey plate with loops 78mm apart (measured on the curve, centre of grommet to centre of grommet). Any condition considered. Regards Drew United Kingdom
  3. Drewwerks

    My second pickelhaube restoration (1917)

    Hi Here is my next project a 1917 marked helmet with original (steel) M91 posts and brass visor trim. Just like my first project this has been used as a fireman helmet at some point in it's life. The hunt is on to find the correct steel fittings. Regards Drew
  4. Drewwerks

    WTB Pair of M91 brass side posts

    Hi I am looking for a pair of M91 side posts complete with backing washers for my M1891 Pickelhaube project. Regards Drew
  5. Drewwerks

    My first pickelhaube restoration

    Here is my first Pickelhaube and my first attempt at a restoration (so please go gently with me). From what I can see so far it seems to have had three lives. First life with small holes filled in (looks like in period) would suggest a cruciform spike base (you can just make out a faint indent...
  6. Drewwerks

    Hi from another Brit with the bug

    I’ve been reading all your brilliant posts over the past couple of weeks (especially the restoration section and Brian’s amazing tutorials) and trying to learn as much as I can before jumping in and buying my first Pickelhaube…. Unfortunately the bug got to me too quick, bought my first one...