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    Picked up a copy of a book that is a collection of all the Stars & Stripes, the newspaper of the AEF published weekly from February 1918 to June 1919. A wealth of information on the AEF. In the January 10 1919 edition I found this interesting tidbit. It is part of an article about the war...
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    Amoskeag and Julia Auctions

    I hope everyone has seen the upcoming Amoskeag and Julia auctions. Julia has the Douglas Buhler collection and Amoskeag has Craig Brown's collection. Some very interesting helmets. Craig was more of a weapons guy as am I, but he had some decent helmets. In both auctions, there are helmets I...
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    Some of you may have seen this photo of me taken when i was 10 or 11 years old, circa 1966 or 67. There was a stash of WW1 souvenirs at my grandparents house, from various family members. Helmets, gas masks, bayonets, etc. There were no childrens' toys at the house, so those were what I played...
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    Regimentally marked fife and bugle

    Picked these up together from an antiques dealer in Connecticut. Not great condition, but in my experience it's rare to find matching pieces.
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    Corrupt youth

    Ran across this old photo of yours truly, taken around 1967. Even at a young age, I was on the path to pickelhaube addiction. The helmets were kicking around my grandparents' house, there was a cardboard box with about a dozen of them in various stages of condition. There were also stahlhelms...
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    A Bargain Looks like most of us missed a deal. This was a Buy It Now auction. No, I didn't get it. Hopefully someone here did? Steve
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    Earl Scheib Special

    Wow! For those of you who are unfamiliar with American 1960's pop culture, Earl Scheib ran a chain of auto paint shops. Did the whole car for $29.95.
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    Kaiser Alexander GGR Shoulder Boards

    I don't have much knowledge of Imperial German cloth insignia, but I blundered ahead and bought these anyway. I assume they are reproductions, but the price was so reasonable that I took a chance. Any ideas anyone? Thanks, Steve
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    M16 Camo

    Hi All, While this is not my latest find, it is a piece that has puzzled me for the 12 or 15 years I have owned it. I bought this as a postwar repaint. My question is by whom and when was it painted? The ageing, camo pattern, colors, and texture of the paint are perfect. The liner is...
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    As some of you know, my main interest is weapons and I consider headgear to be accessories (blasphemy!). So here are some weapons: 1914 Mauser
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    Had some time and a friend to help, so I decided to wrestle with the camera. Here is most of the headgear lined up for a "formal" portrait. Steve[][/img]
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    Lafayette Flying Corps Group

    I know this isn't a German grouping, but I thought it might be of interest to some members. I acquired this group around 1970, and it still stands as the most complete and fascinating (to me anyway) collection I've encountered. Walter Rheno was a hometown boy who left our little island and...
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    What is it?

    Found this for sale. Real? I recall reading somewhere about controversy regarding the plate. And what is an infantry plate doing on a shako? Steve
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    Regimental markings Does anyone have this? Is it new, or commonly available? It sure looks interesting, but I don't like sending envelopes of cash through the mail. Steve
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    Das Gewehr, UBER!

    Item number: 6597222500 No, it's not a helmet but I can't recommend this cd enough to anyone interested enough in Imperial Germany to join this group. Original period recordings of surprisingly good quality, comes with an extremely well done and informative booklet describing what you are...
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    New Toy

    Hi All, Picked this up on the mainland last week from a dealer who does house cleanouts. At first glance it may not be much to look at, but I like the original untouched condition. Literally right out of the attic. The visor stitching is gone and the spike tip is dented, but it does have both...
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    Flask - Big Willie?

    Hi, Could this have belonged to or perhaps been presented by Big Willie himself? Opinions? Steve
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    Cuirassier Helmet Cover

    Hi All, Not having the site available for a few days made me realize again how great it is. Many thanks to Brian and Margo for keeping this thing going. Now to the task of reassembling the knowledge. I am looking at a cover for a cuirassier helmet in a local shop. The helmet is there too...