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  1. cliffn

    New member from Canada

    Hello Steve, Welcome to the group. I am in Milton, Ontario. Use to live in Oshawa. Cheers, Cliff
  2. cliffn

    Welcome cliffn !

    Yea Gus, it would be. I am guessing that not everyone knows. Mark passed away in September 2016. His nickname was zipperheads9. Things have not been the same since then. He was a really good friend. Cliff
  3. cliffn

    New mail box stand.

    Gus, I really like that mailbox stand.. Cliff
  4. cliffn

    Welcome cliffn !

    Hello all, I have just been going through old bookmarks and seeing what still worked . Been a long time since I have been here. Take care. Cheers, Cliff
  5. cliffn

    Granatenwerfer 16

    You have a very interesting piece. It looks very nice. Good to see another one around, other than in a museum. :D I also have one, that needs a couple of pieces. The T-handle and the outer piece that holds the granatenwefer at an angle. Seeing your's makes me want to start to work on my...
  6. cliffn

    Avation Uniforms of the First World War

    Tony, Those are really nice. Thanks for sharing. :) Cliff
  7. cliffn

    Ersatz plywood canisters for GM17 gas masks

    Hans, You come up with some amazing things. Wow. Sorry that we did not stay to talk more with you at the show. It was good seeing you again. Cliff :)
  8. cliffn

    WW1 Aviation Show at the Autralian War Memorial

    This is just amazing. :) Cliff
  9. cliffn


    I have to admit. Other than the spike. It looks like it could be a real one. Is the shell at least real ?? Cliff :???:
  10. cliffn

    Passchendaele The Movie

    I saw the film and I too. Was disappointed. Basically for the same reasons that Brian wrote. Too much love story. Tho, it did show some of the thinking of the people back home. The battle scenes were ok, hard to tell with the fast pace action. So, I could not see if there was stuff missing...
  11. cliffn

    Etobikoe Military show

    There were some very nice head pieces at the show. It was nice to see Brian and Hans again and to finally meet Chaz. It was a very busy show. Tho, I don't know how much was getting sold. I also meet other guys that I know and talked to. So, I did not get too much of a chance to really look at...
  12. cliffn

    Etobikoe Military show

    Here is a bit more info. Look forward to seeing some of the guys there. :) SATURDAY, MARCH 29th, 2008 SHOW Etobicoke Olympium 590 Rathburn Road, Toronto 8:30am - 2:00pm Admission $7.00 Children under 12 free with adult Cheers, Cliff
  13. cliffn

    The back of a postcard

    This very interesting, as I have a few postcards with this information on them. I have also seen alot of postcards on Ebay and always look for the back to see if it is for a unit that I am collecting. Thanks for the info Joe. Cheers, Cliff :)
  14. cliffn

    Garrison map from 1909

    Hi Joe, It came through okay. Thanks. Something more for my files. Take care. Regards, Cliff :thumb up:
  15. cliffn

    Garrison map from 1909

    Joe, I would be interested in a scan. Thank you ahead of time. Cheers, Cliff :)
  16. cliffn

    While you were shoveling...

    Boy Joe, You look more comfortable in your shorts than I am in my parka. Enjoy. Cheers, Cliff :D
  17. cliffn

    Not politically correct

    I think that we all work with that guy. :lol: :laughing3: Cheers, Cliff
  18. cliffn

    North Pole

    I just gotta ask Gus. What was Santa wearing before this??? :D Cheers, Cliff from Canmore
  19. cliffn

    Jagers in WW1

    That is fine. Mark has an appointment anyways. heh heh :lol: We are putting on a display in Cambridge, Ontario on Saturday. He won't be near his computer. Cliff :D
  20. cliffn

    etobikoe finds

    Hi Brian, Too bad you didn't make it. I was looking forward to seeing you again. They are trying to have a show in a new location. The Markham Fairgrounds. The date is Saturday November 10. Otherwise the next Etobicoke show is March 29, 2008 and June 21, 2008. Take care...