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  1. stuka f

    Begian sword

    these Belgian sword are generaly hard to date. But thise one wasn't! It has the logo of Leopold II ( 1835 – 1909). Must be the first one I have seen in all those years. And I only noticed when I got home. The only reason I got it is because it was sold with a other one who caught my attention...
  2. stuka f

    Two new additions

    I don't collect them in fact... But do like to look at them. It might be a start of a new theme for me... They were sold as one lot, and the bajonet made it for me. It is the first one I see for sale. Here seen next to a normal sword. (One I got today as well and did held a small surprise to me!)
  3. stuka f

    Anyone in to German military bugles, please?

    Hello all, the question is in the title. I need some help regarding one I am not able to find any information about on the net.
  4. stuka f

    My smallest canon kaliber

    After showing my biggest one's, here is my smallest (Ø 8 cm ). I don't think there is smaller then this one, to fit a canon ...correct me if I am wrong. As I see it this was just the propulsing charge who got loaded from behind , and the projectile still was loaded thru the front of the...
  5. stuka f

    Quiet rare to find in a house clearing over here...

    Hello, very pleased with my finds today. No big deal as such, but still nice to find. Story is lost. But I am puzzling what the link(s) might be...
  6. stuka f

    Belgian M 1886 pith helmets

    Got my second Belgian M 1886 just now. Apparently coming from a old Brussels collection that was sold recently. His particularity is that it still got the retailer label inside. But couldn't find any more details about that retailer yet... Anyway still glad I managed to find this well preserved...
  7. stuka f

    My new umbrella stand

    made of a 305 mm KM shell. Original lenght is 67 cm high.
  8. stuka f

    Who is this general?

    Hello all, I posted this old rudimentary framed pic before, but never identified... Stormy day today so nothing beter to do then a little research. Found this intresting site; and I started to compare the pic's one by one. And I think I got a match.... What...
  9. stuka f

    thanks Amybellars !

    :thumb up: they just arrived ! =D>
  10. stuka f

    Gendarme à cheval, crest helmet.

    Last in. Just love these models.
  11. stuka f

    HR 17 totenkopf and banderol, needed.

    hello all, found something to that will do meanwhile I am looking for my grale (....if I ever get it!!....). It isn't the best example, but it still got lots of fur and is well marked on the inside. Saddly missing his insignia's. This are the sellers pic's, I will post more and better once it is in.
  12. stuka f

    French Adrian

    here is the first one of a new (sub)theme I am starting; WWI French Adrian's with the commemorative plate. I know some of the plates are add by collectors in the recent days, but that is something I'll have to deal with. First one in is a complete pionier.
  13. stuka f

    British Victorian 1st Royal Dragoons helmet.

    Don't know what it is with this helmets, but I think most of them must have been in Antwerp at one time... I remember seeing hunderds of them on shelfs at a well know theatre prop buisiness here in Antwerp. I do regret I never took a picture. That buisiness, called Bayens, moved a few decenia...
  14. stuka f

    Happy Canada day!

    to all Canadians, here. ...and elswhere ;-) cheers Kris
  15. stuka f

    how do you hold a pickelhaube... hand. That was always a big question to me... But I found out now; (needless to say picture is NOT mine!)
  16. stuka f

    A good start

    A good start for this year. Both out of the woodwork, form the same place.
  17. stuka f

    id this skull, please

    hello, need your help for a colleague on a other forum. what are your thoughts on this one please?
  18. stuka f

    how to... display question

    hey guy's; searching the net last night, on the search for pickel's, I noticed, on a dealers pic something I would like to see in detail. On the site of age of kings I saw helmets on display hanging in a way I would like to present mine as well. We are both using the same rail system meant for...
  19. stuka f

    Carnival spike helmet....

    Hello all, found this little fellow from a house clearing. Apparently used to party during a carnival at some point, due to the confetti found inside. And coming from a region where carnival is "hot", ....yes; Aalst! But I 'got a lot of questions. And hope you could help me out. The marks for...
  20. stuka f

    Not on ebay but on liveauctioneers a Belgian cuirrassier

    Missing his liner and one grenade on a chinstrap. And with a wrong identification.