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  1. Amybellars

    Merry Xmas

    The sun has risen and it's Christmas day. Merry Xmas 🎄 to all in this chat forum I have gone quiet for a while as I am sewing blankets for a nursing home and the project has kept me busy. I will be back soon.
  2. Amybellars

    M1915 Wurttemberg Enlisted Man Helmet

    M15 helmet complete with original chinstrap and cockades. Exterior body has lost its coat of leather. This is the only problem that explains why I am selling the helmet. No extra hole and there is a tear on the liner but all fingers are intact. Please let me know if you need more pictures...
  3. Amybellars

    Prussian Enlisted man helmet for sale

    Prussian Enlisted man pickelhaube with original grey metal fittings including the removable spike, spike base held by 4 grey metal studs, rear spine, front visor trim and M91 side posts. Slight peeling on the exterior body (wearer’s left). Stitching to both front and rear visors are tight...
  4. Amybellars


    Found this helmet in my late husband collection. Was damaged in shipping from Australia to Singapore and I got it slightly repaired.
  5. Amybellars


    Hi guys, Need help on the markings. Only think I can make out is THALE? Help greatly appreciated.
  6. Amybellars

    Rodney my superman

    For those who had met my husband Rod at the last two SOS or thru his email, he had passed on peacefully on July 15, 2021. He was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer GBM after the last sos and was told by doctors that he had another 6-18 months. He was as perfect as any one during this one year...
  7. Amybellars

    Please enlighten me

    Hi guys, need help on this item. I have no clue on the marking but based on wappen I knew it belongs to the Grenadier regiment which they worn this old wappen until the late 1890s to the early 1900s, when the wappen was then replaced by the 'big eagle'. Based on the marking, I think it...
  8. Amybellars

    Hessian Artillery Regiment 25

    Saw this picture in Stubbs Book and wonder if it is evidenced that Hessian Artillery R25 has no sword and no pierced crown.
  9. Amybellars

    Captured German Helmets as Liberty Loan Prizes

    Hi guys, one of the thread got carried away into this Liberty Loan Prizes. Steve, please find the paper as per attached. Same paper was also on warrelics as it was "reproduced". I got the paper from Randy when I bought the helmet off him. I got all the 6 examples in minty condition. the...
  10. Amybellars

    Bavarian Officer

    This pickelhaube is coming my way. I cannot determine if the spike is that of a general spike. Any comment?
  11. Amybellars

    Black Liner for sale #02

    Black leather liner for M1895 or M1915 spike helmet. Leather liner in good condition. One area has a repair done. Liner fingers have been reinforced. Price : USD45 + shipping. Estimated shipping : USD22 - will refund any excess for shipping. Paypal address : [email protected]
  12. Amybellars

    Black liner for sale #01

    Black leather liner for M1895 or M1915 spike helmet. Leather liner in very good condition with all fingers intact. Price : USD60 + shipping. Estimated shipping : USD22 - will refund any excess for shipping. Paypal address : [email protected]
  13. Amybellars

    Officer liner for sale

    Size 54 officer liner with silk canvas Silk canvas in excellent condition. One portion of the leather sweatband has a repair. Price : USD150. Worldwide shipping at $22. Will refund any excess for postage upon actual shipping. Paypal address is [email protected]
  14. Amybellars

    Bavarian Officer "made up" helmet

    I have this piece for a while as learning curve and would like to sell it off. Bargain price at $250. Comes together with - officer plate with no damage but one screw post has been resoldered. - helmet body is that of infantry with black leather liner. Black leather liner has been on it as in...
  15. Amybellars

    Unusual Wurttemberg configuration

    Need help from you guys. Come across this configuration and wonder which infantry troop wears this configuration. Thank you
  16. Amybellars


    Liner shows wear and has had few repairs along the edge. All fingers intact. Someone has folded the liner into two making it very flat. All fingers in tact (no repair) to the fingers. Selling at USD40 Shipping is USD10 Please drop me email at [email protected] Thank you
  17. Amybellars

    Need some help on markings on rear visor

    Happy new year guys. Need some help on this markings It's a Wurttemberg ORS . No extra holes and loops on the wappen back have not been moved. Rear visor stamped 98R 1912. 98R according to my documents is not a wurtt regiment. Anyone can assist? Thank you Amy Bellars
  18. Amybellars

    Wrong visors?

    Hi guys, Found 2 helmets in my Australian house. These 2 helmets have been sitting in my Aussie collection room for a while and I thought they should have square visors with the cruciform bases? What do you guys think?
  19. Amybellars

    Help needed

    Hi guys, I won something on eBay and seller only shipped within Germany. If anyone could offer help, please pm me. Thank you very much. Amy Bellars
  20. Amybellars

    M1915 JzP Enlisted Man Helmet

    Selling this helmet for my husband. MODEL 1915 JAGER-REGIMENT zu PFERDE ENLISTED MAN’S HELMET All wartime features including removable grey metal spike, clover spike base and studs, visor and body trimming and side posts. Wrong badge as it is supposed to have the Dragoon model eagle with...