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    WW1 Camouflage M16

    Hello, I saw this helmet in a shop today and noticed it had a unique camouflage pattern. Does anyone have any thoughts on its authenticity or can make out the name? Thanks, Winston
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    Researched Home Service Helmets

    Hello everyone, Here are 2 more helmets from my collection. Here is a Victorian grey cloth helmet to the 1st Northamptonshire Rifle Volunteer Corps. This plate was used from when home service helmets were first issued to the unit in 1879 up until 1887 when the unit officially changed its name...
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    Some More British Helmets

    Here are two more helmets from my collection, This is a volunteer artillery helmet. It isn’t in great condition and the wear can definitely be seen upon inspection of the helmet. It still retains its original silk liner although half of it has come detached. It is unnamed, has no specific unit...
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    German WW1 Headdress Collection

    Hello, These are from my brother’s WW1 collection. I believe there is 1 Bavarian m1910, 1 Prussian full dress m1910, and a Prussian feldmutze. If anybody can provide information on whether the markings inside the feldmutze are regimental and to which regiment they would belong to it would be...
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    Home Service Helmet to an Inspector of Army Schools

    This is an Edwardian home service helmet with tin to Inspector of Army Schools Captain James Cunningham. James served as an Army Schoolmaster for 22 years, serving all over the British Empire, notably in India, Malta, and Ireland. He was promoted from an army schoolmaster to an Inspector on July...
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    Hello Everyone My name is Nicholas and I am in Houston. I collect British home service helmets and full dress uniforms from 1878-1914. My name on the site is the name of my awesome dog, Winston. I currently have several helmets in my collection and a few uniforms as well. I’m not the most...
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    Home Service Helmet to the 59th Regiment

    This is a blue cloth helmet of the 59th Regiment named on the inside to P. H. N. Lake. The helmet comes with its original carry tin lined with a newspaper cutting from the Graphic dated November 9th, 1878. From the newspaper date and since the numbered regiment plates were only worn on the home...