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  1. garlanj

    FAR 10/46 Wappen

    Brian/Tony Nice wappen, thanks for posting. I bought that one last year, it looks good but has been twisted a bit which is why the bandeaus are misaligned. Merry Christmas
  2. garlanj

    My second pickelhaube restoration (1917)

    Nice job Drew, looks really good.
  3. garlanj

    M15 spike

    There’s one on the French eBay at the moment for 116€. The item number is 275027576354, not sure the colour will match though
  4. garlanj

    Olga Dragoner

    Hope this fits the bill. M89 EM's degen made by Alex Coppel of Solingen in 1891. Sword and scabbard are BOTH marked 25D 1 14 and the remains of the sword knot has a white tassel and fringe.
  5. garlanj

    Kaiserzeit Magazine

    Wow, this takes me back. Used to get Kaiserzeit delivered over to the UK when I first started collecting as a teenager. No internet (and no eBay) just Kaiserzeit, and Colonel Rankin's pickelhaube book. Militaria sales at the Black Prince pub in Bexley, Kent and no idea if I was buying genuine...
  6. garlanj

    WTB Officer's Pickelhaube Shell

    Ah, of course. Yes, that’s the one :)
  7. garlanj

    WTB Officer's Pickelhaube Shell

    I've just taken delivery of an engineer officers haube with great metalwork but a totally wrecked shell. Before I pester Brian to see if it's even possible to bring back to life, does anyone have an officer's shell they're thinking of moving on? If push comes to shove I could reuse the front...
  8. garlanj

    Prussian 16th Dragoon officer

    Oh wow, fantastic
  9. garlanj

    Pioneer Officer's Visor Trim

    I know this is a very long shot but does anyone have an officers neusilber visor trim and studs that they're looking to move on, swaps or sale? If so, please PM me. Many thanks Jeremy
  10. garlanj

    Dragoner-Regt. Konig Carl I von Rumanien (1. Hannoversches) Nr. 9 - Sergeant

    That is an amazing display - congratulations
  11. garlanj

    Hanoverian Field Artillery at local auction house

    Hi, thanks for all the info - invaluable as ever. Does anyone know how I could confirm that the label for OYV Ihssen is legit? Was there an Ihssen in the 1st battery of either regiment?
  12. garlanj

    Hanoverian Field Artillery at local auction house

    Not too sure how good the trichter is, but can you please remind me what the F signifies? Also is there a way of confirming if Ihssen was ever a OYV in either regiment? Cheers all
  13. garlanj

    Hanoverian Field Artillery at local auction house

    Hi all Not strictly eBay but this item has come up at a local auction house advertised as "Imperial German One Year Volunteers Pickelhaube of Field Artillery Regiment von Scharnhorst (1. Hanoversches) Nr10" and appearing to be Hanoverian has got me interested. Artillery Helmet Taking into...
  14. garlanj

    WTB Depaheg Patent Officer's Vulkanfiber Haube

    Hi Odd indeed :oops:. It seems to have a full length rear spine too so perhaps the cruciform is a later addition - looking from the inside, does it have additional holes where a circular spike base might have been fitted previously? Also with curved chinscales, I'm guessing train? Many thanks Jeremy
  15. garlanj

    Pickelhaube Cabinet

    Fantastic collection. Love the Hanoverian bits
  16. garlanj

    Hi from another Brit with the bug

    Welcome Drew, good to have another Brit on the forum.
  17. garlanj

    Reserve Cross stamped into body of wappen?

    Just got this back from the auction house. They really do need to get a new camera
  18. garlanj

    WTB Depaheg Patent Officer's Vulkanfiber Haube

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has a vulkanfiber shell they be interested in selling. Happy to consider anything from a stripped down shell to a fully loaded haube. Many thanks Jeremy
  19. garlanj

    Help with shipping

    Hi Will. I love a challenge, happy to give it a go for you. All the best. Jeremy (in the UK)