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    the 11th hour.....

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    Of possible interest

    Many I have never seen...
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    Adrian v. Modern helmets
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    2nd Battle of Villers Bretonneux
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    Posted without comment
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    The Pickelhaube today.....
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    New to me WWI colorized film part 1
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    Anazing 1 minute audio of the end of le grande guerre
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    Of possible interest: What if Britain had stayed out?
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    Sex in the Great War
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    For the Ottoman guys....
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    Meuse-Argonne jumping off day

    The MG08-15 here was captured on 26 Sept. 1918 (79th Division) More on Meuse-Argonne:
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    Another reason to love the Belgians....
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    Colourized photos
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    1918 Flu
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    WWI Memorial work - worth the watch
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    WWI Film news
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    What If I am Simply A Minor Writer?

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