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  1. ww1czechlegion

    Help needed to ID Adrian Helmet

    Hello, I need help Identifying an Adrian Helmet. Missing the front emblem. Painted a "mustard brown" color. My question: Is helmet French or Belgium? 3-of the leather "tongues" have been torn from the sweatband but are present. The other 3-tongues are intact. Chinstrap has torn on one end...
  2. ww1czechlegion

    Trouble with Posting Photos & Server Error in For Sale Section

    Hello, I inadvertently added 4-duplicate listing in the Pickelhaubes "For Sale" Section. (Please remove the duplicate listings.) I kept getting "Server Error" messages at the top of the screen when I was trying to do the posting. And I did not realize that the system was actually taking my...
  3. ww1czechlegion

    M15 Prussian E.M. Pickelhaube w/Rare Non-Removable Steel Spike & original kokardes

    Offered is a very nice condition Model 1915 Prussian Enlisted pattern Pickelhaube. This helmet has the very seldom seen steel non-removable spike. Size 56 marked. It is maker marked as shown in the inside rear dome of the helmet, just behind the round metal support disk. I can't make out who...
  4. ww1czechlegion

    Some Christmas Images

    Here are 3-recent acquisitions. I am running late this year with the theme. Best Wishes, Alan
  5. ww1czechlegion

    Assistance needed with 3-Cavalry Lance Pennants

    Hello, I recently acquired a very nice large Imperial German Flag, along with 3-NCO Cavalry Lance Pennants from a good friend. He recently purchased them from the son of a WW2 veteran who supposedly brought them back to the U.S., along with several other 3rd Reich flags, and an unfinished...
  6. ww1czechlegion

    Prussian M15 Enlisted Pickelhaube 29th Regiment w/rare maker marked support disk

    Model 1915 Prussian Enlisted Man's Pattern Pickelhaube with 29th Infantry Regiment Depot Issue Marking, 1916 Dated. Has a rare maker marked support disk inside the crown of the helmet. These support disks that have a maker mark are seldom seen. Normally we see them unmarked. Original front and...
  7. ww1czechlegion

    Manfred von Richtofen, the Red Baron, Interesting compilation of original wartime film footage

    Here's some cool original B&W wartime footage of the Red Baron, Manfred von Richtofen. Towards the end it also shows a young Hermann Goering. It would be fun to see what Peter Jackson could do with this if he colorized it and digitally enhanced it. Best Wishes, Alan
  8. ww1czechlegion

    Bavarian M15 Enlisted Pickelhaube for sale

    Offered is a Model 1915 Bavarian Pickelhaube, size 56. No extra holes behind front plate, only the 2 original metal grommet holes for the front plate. Complete with the 2-original leather wedges holding the wire loops of the front plate on to the helmet. I have included a nice reproduction...
  9. ww1czechlegion

    Made in the United Kingdom repro/fake Oldenburg Dragoon Officer Helmet

    Here's a current eBay offering in which the seller does not realize that his helmet is one of the infamous made in the United Kingdom helmet which was produced in the past 30-40 years time, or maybe even more recently. This one has all the tell-tale signs of the spurious helmets made in the UK...
  10. ww1czechlegion

    Baden Enlisted Gray Metal M15 Frontplate Wanted to Buy

    If someone has a very nice condition Baden enlisted wartime Model 1915 Frontplate with nice gray finish still on it for sale, I would be interested in buying it. Looking for the inside edge of wire attachment loop to loop measurement to be 2 7/8" apart from each other. Thanks, Alan
  11. ww1czechlegion

    Another M15 Wurttemburg enlisted helmet

    Here's another Wurttemburg M15 enlisted helmet I found recently. I have to almost laugh at the number of helmets I've found lately that need at least 1-visor re-stitched on them. Front visor on this one needs a total re-stitch job. Otherwise the helmet is in fairly nice condition. No visible...
  12. ww1czechlegion

    2-Helmets from the Grandson of a WW1 U.S. Veteran: Hessian Artillery & Camo M16

    I picked up 2-helmets recently from the grandson of a WW1 U.S. Veteran who was stationed at Coblenz after the Armistice. I'll have to see if I can find out what unit the soldier was in. Hopefully I'll be able to discover which Infantry Regiment he served in. Sadly, both helmets were not given...
  13. ww1czechlegion

    Saxon Garde Reiter Helmet to Parade

    Hello, Here's a helmet that was recently discussed on another forum, and sent back to the seller who currently listed it on eBay: I believe the lion is bad...
  14. ww1czechlegion

    Untouched attic find Prussian "kit" helmet by Firma von der Heyden of Berlin

    Hello, Here's a recent untouched attic find Prussian metal kit helmet made by the company Firma von der Heyden of Berlin. The exterior is covered with thick dust under the eagle, which is held on by a bamboo stick through the round horizontal tube/flange mounted on the back side of the...
  15. ww1czechlegion

    M15 Jaeger zu Pferede enlisted helmet by Helbing u. Sackewitz

    Offered is a very nice original, untouched condition Jaeger zu Pferde "mounted riflemen" enlisted pattern wartime helmet. The blueing on the helmet shell is in excellent condition. Original leather chinstrap came with the helmet, as did the original National Colors Kokarde. I added an original...
  16. ww1czechlegion

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Hello, Wishing everyone here a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for the coming New Year of 2021! The soldiers in their bunker look happy while opening packages of gifts beside their decorated Christmas tree. It looks like there is a glass ball ornament with an Iron Cross design on it...
  17. ww1czechlegion

    A trade a few years ago with our late friend and forum member Karel

    Here's a helmet I never got around to posting. It's been one of my favorites since I worked out a trade with our great friend and forum member Karel, "Adler 1", a few years back in time. Sadly he passed away much too young, this past July, as many of you will recall. I had found a couple of...
  18. ww1czechlegion

    Grenadier Officer Helmet to Restore

    Here's a helmet I recently acquired that I'm going to send up to Brian for re-stitching of the back visor. Looks like the front visor trim has popped off from the edge of the leather also. I'll find an officer spike and officer star retainers to complete this helmet. Best Regards, Alan
  19. ww1czechlegion

    Fall Harvest of Haubes Part 3, Hessian M71 re-issue to M95 18th Train Battalion

    Hello, Here's the 3rd helmet I acquired from the family of a WW1 soldier this fall. Thanks to James for his insight and advice which helped me to acquire this helmet! This one took a bit of work and patience, as the seller backed out on the deal for about a week's time, and fortunately I...
  20. ww1czechlegion

    Fall Harvest of Haubes Part 2, Saxon Garde Reiter Wartime Helmet

    Hello, I've had a very lucky "fall harvest" of pickelhaubes this year. I was recently able to find 3-helmets out of the woodwork that were still with families. This second one is an M15 wartime enlisted Saxon Garde Reiter helmet. I also acquired the WW1 U.S. soldier's 5th Division Uniform, and...