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  1. seagull

    Dragoner kokarden sizes

    One of my (several) restoration projects is an 1891/95 Prussian Dragoner EM helm in gilt/brass fittings prior to the AKO changing to neusilber. Would this rightfully have 48mm kokarden or larger? Thanks for any info. Steve
  2. seagull

    Merci tres beaucoup M.Larcade!

    Recently found a two volume set of Larcade at an unbelievebaly low price and jumped at it - purely as a small Christmas present to myself. On receiving them I could not believe my eyes - a set dedicated to Fritz Behrendt by Larcade himself back in the 80's! The bonus is that my French has...
  3. seagull

    The contentious R22 plate.

    I was just shown this R22 plate and asked if it stood a chance of being genuine. Lacking experience of these rather "debatable" items I would be grateful for opinions. If the consensus is favourable I think the owner will offer it for sale here. Thanks all, Steve.
  4. seagull


    Life size statue by Andy Edwards, 2014, entitled "All together now". In memory of the Christmas truce1914, it now stands in the grounds of St Luke's Church Liverpool City, destroyed in the May Blitz of 1941, after a time on display at Messines, close to where the no-mans-land football matches...
  5. seagull

    Household Cavalry Armour

    Not sure if this is the best place for this, being non-German, but here is my armour from the 'Blues', unfortunately no identification of the officer/owner present on ther red Morocco interior. I believe it to be late Victorian and definitely ceremonial only: it is made of very thin gauge steel...
  6. seagull

    Can a Neusilber wappen be annealed

    Just wondering if the metal composition of Neusilber would allow the process of annealing to soften the metal and restore some 'flexibility'.
  7. seagull

    Dragoner rear spine with external brads

    Been looking for years for a Dragoner brass EM rear spine with the two external brads and realised that I have literally NEVER seen one for sale among all the European shows/contacts/Ebay/AOK etc,. This is like looking for the Great White Whale, or am I just not looking in the 'right' places...
  8. seagull

    French Shako unknown date and service

    Obviously French and, I suggest, from Republican times due to the lack of a crown on the eagle. Other than that the owner and I know nothing of its date or part of the services - internet searches show a lot of similar shako but nothing quite like this one. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks, Steve
  9. seagull

    Reserve Cross stamped into body of wappen?

    Wondering if this is yet another fake sent to torment me. Can Wappen be found with the reserve cross integral to the eagle? Thanks for looking, Steve
  10. seagull

    Huis Doorn

    Just noticed a remark on der Rittmeister's site that Huis Doorn has been closed to the public by the Netherlands government. Whenever this was done I had no idea it had happened and am shocked that they could do this. Is this due to covid, or another example of 'cancel culture" ? Steve
  11. seagull

    M95 Dragoon Haube

    Looking for a brass/gilt wappen and rear spine with external studs for my EM M95 line Dragoner. Cheers, Steve EDIT: It seems I am shooting for the Moon with this one .Spent weeks trawling the internet and never seen either item. Is the Prussian upswept wing Dragoner wappen and external stud rear...
  12. seagull


    Seen a lot of spare parts for sale over the years but only one seller sometimes advertising the washers from behind the M91 posts (on eBay.Fr, won't sell to the UK and won't reply to messages !!?). The same applies to washers for wappen and spikes. Does anyone know of a source for these small...
  13. seagull

    Looking for 'V' notched '91 kokarden

    Looking for Reich and Wurttemburg 1891 kokarden with 'V' notch for my ersatz helm. Here's hoping,.. Steve
  14. seagull

    Postal problem from Germany?

    Just been on and seen numerous things for sale with the disclaimer that they have no method for posting to the UK. I know that the UK departure from the EU is messy and not exactly popular but this is exasperating when you see something you have been looking for and can't even get to...
  15. seagull

    15th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers 1860-1880

    The 15th Lancashire Artillery Volunteer Corps (AVC) of two batteries, was formed at Earp Street Garston, Liverpool, on 2 April 1860, with additional batteries raised on 2 July 1863 and 16 November 1865. The first officers commissioned into the unit included two Captains (one for each battery)...
  16. seagull

    Firma Van der Heyden 'Kit' Helmet

    This little helmet came to me well over fifteen years ago minus its wappen and kokarden. The kokarden with appropriate small 'V' cut-out are still to be found (repros will have to do for now) but the wappen finally came my way after an awful lot of looking. I removed the wierdly pink (??) paint...
  17. seagull

    Cut-Down Mod 1860 or later?

    Another sadly abused old warrior bought from an old friend selling up some years ago. Someone extensively messed with it, adding a (wrong) new leather tongue to one side of the (real but still not correct) chinscales - but not addressing the lack of a buckle on the opposite side !, probably...
  18. seagull

    Restoring 1891 Wurttemburg Customs helmet

    I am restoring an officers version of this helmet and need to know if the spike perlring should be an "egg and dart " officer type or, given that they are not a military unit, should it be as shown on Amy's Other Ranks helmet illustrated below. Any advice gratefully received. Steve
  19. seagull

    Curious wappen fixing - is it a Bing thing?

    The idea of having the 'standard' two wire loops with this single nut/bolt positioned this low down puzzles me, never seen it before but the seller claims a connection to a Bing Ersatz helm? could this be true? any thoughts appreciated. Steve
  20. seagull

    Fuerhelm. Which Wappen?

    This is a Fuerhelm, at least that was the concensus when I posted it some time ago, before I reattached the front visor. I continue to wonder which wappen ought to be on it as there is no 'ghost' on the skull - however the mounting holes may provoke some suggestions. The main wappen mounting...