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  1. Sergei1877

    hussar cap of the 17th Brunswick regiment

    an acquaintance friend bought the remains of a burnt-out hussar cap of the 17th Brunswick regiment, and asked me to make him a hat as it was
  2. Sergei1877

    My collection of sea caps of the Soviet fleet

    My collection of naval peakless caps of the Soviet fleet has been slightly replenished. Capless caps of different fleets and naval schools, as well as border troops
  3. Sergei1877

    attention scammer!!!

    Dear friends, be careful This is my helmet from my collection and I do not sell it on ebay. The seller is a clear scammer
  4. Sergei1877

    Restoration Busbies/Pelzmützen

    Hello . They sent an officer's hussar cap for restoration in such a deplorable state. I will try to restore it, of course the fur will have to be replaced with a new one. and in general there is a lot of work to restore it. I will try to bring her back to life)
  5. Sergei1877

    My grenadier mitres

    my collection of grenadier hats
  6. Sergei1877

    guards star (emblem)?

    Friends help identify the guard emblem with shako. Why the inscription is a little different from the rest the emblem has a silver color.
  7. Sergei1877

    grenadier eagle?

    Dear friends, tell me by the find from the battlefields. Found an eagle in cupronickel (Neusilber) what kind of regiment wore such an eagle?
  8. Sergei1877

    guard eagle

    probably wants to solve all his financial problems? :D
  9. Sergei1877

    plaque with fuselier caps

    recently in my collection appeared headband plaque 49 fusilier regiment. This is probably one of the trophies of the Russian army during the seven-year war, which were stored in the collection of the Russian emperor Peter 3 plaque from the fusilier cap of the 49 fusilier regiment of the...
  10. Sergei1877

    a bit of my collection, pickelhaube, soldiers and more

    here is a little of what managed to collect something in his collection. The main course in my collection is the soldiers of various scales, which I collect since childhood
  11. Sergei1877


    Hello . I want to show my work on the hussar hat. This is not quite a restoration of the subject, but rather a reconstruction of the Hussar Pelzmüce. Material used only natural. linen, leather, seal or fur
  12. Sergei1877

    Kürassierhelm Preussen

    cuirassier helmet is a clear fake. beware of buying such bullshit
  13. Sergei1877

    restoration of an officer helmet No.2

    I got such a helmet for restoration. Almost all the hardware is steel
  14. Sergei1877

    restoration of an officer helmet No. 1

    comrade sent here such an officer helmet for restoration. I'll try to revive him
  15. Sergei1877

    helmet m -15 for restoration

    they sent me a helmet in that condition. I will try to restore it
  16. Sergei1877

    the eagle of the first East Prussian Grenadier Regiment

    the eagle of the first East Prussian Grenadier Regiment.An interesting find on the battlefields of the WWI. Why do eagles have holes for stars, like on guards regiments? Who knows about this?
  17. Sergei1877

    pickelhube leather base

    Hello friends . Maybe I do not understand something, but this is beyond the allowable :eek: :-?
  18. Sergei1877

    Toy soldiers Publius. WW1

    In Russia there was a new set of soldiers on a scale of 1-32. Toy soldiers Publius
  19. Sergei1877

    Felt Ersatz Shako

    bought a shako here, what do friends say? I do not think the eagle is from him, he's a nickel, or could it be?
  20. Sergei1877

    my small collection

    Hi. Recently I designed my collection in one place, or else helmets stood in different places