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    Tough work ahead

    What do you think gentlemen, does this one stand a chance at being revived? Haha
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    25th dragoons mantel

    Good evening gentlemen, I mentioned this coat in a previous thread and am now just making the thread on it. I'm looking at acquiring this piece and just wanted other opinions on this as it doesn't have an actual unit mark, I believe based off of the cornflower blue main color and white collar/...
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    "Prussian" waffenrock

    Good evening gentlemen, A friend of mine has had this tunic for a while and believes its a Prussian officers waffenrock but I don't think it is, would someone possibly be able to identify it? Thank you, Will
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    Garde Du Corps NCO tunic

    What are your thoughts on this tunic gentlemen, is this correct for the garde dragoons? My only concern is the format of the tag on the inside it using the abbreviation for ersatz regiment and not Eskadron. Or do I maybe have it misidentified as dragoons.
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    Field gear

    Good evening everyone, I hope everyone's new year went well, today I am selling a few pieces of equipment I am selling off some equipment the first being a set of 1915 dated Gew 98 pouches which does have the SA mark ontop for Finnish use, next is a 1915 dated Gew 98 bayonet, scabbard and 1916...
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    M95 chinstrap

    Good evening gentlemen, I am looking at possibly buying this chinstrap but these have admittedly been a weak point for me and I'm not sure if this one is original, I would really appreciate some help. Many Thanks, Will
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    Miscellaneous box

    I have seen many impressive and well organized collections going through some of these threads and it kind of made me wonder if anyone has smaller cases of miscellaneous pieces that maybe don't get as much attention. I have a few of them for different periods, this one is rather special for me...
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    Strange wurttemberg plate

    Good afternoon everyone, I have come across a helmet for sale with a wurttemberg plate on it that I haven't seen before. It reminds me a little bit of the NCO school Prussian plates seeing as its a standard brass plate with a star in the center, id like to hear your thoughts on this one if its...
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    Prussian felt

    Good evening everyone, I was discussing ersatz helmets with another forum member and I decided to post the only felt helmet I have (for now). What is in my opinion a very nice Prussian helmet with original field repaired chinstrap, cockades and field gray fittings. The front visor trim is in...
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    Patina differences in plates

    I just got in another M15 baden plate today and I'm certain this has been discussed before but I find it interesting just how much all our pieces can vary in appearance. Brass is easily tarnished and polished but even painted or treated field gray items very quite differently. I thought I'd post...
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    Cyphered M15 board

    This case is pretty much the entirety of my imperial items from my Minnesota collection, most of these items except for the EK2, cockade and US disks came from the same seller, there is also a german map of Verdun. If I'm not mistaken this board is either for one of the bavarian regiments or its...
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    Saxon M15

    Here i have my Saxon M15 which is the other pickelhaube left here in my "Minnesota collection" this one actually came from a friend of my father who was clearing out his dads old junk and asked if he was interested in "old army junk" and my dad spotted this and sent it my way. Originally when I...
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    Dual marked M15

    Good morning everyone, I'm home on leave so I took some photos of things I don't normally have access to, one of them being this nice Prussian M15 pickelhaube with a stamp of C.J.R 91 and an interesting mark which starts with III L.J.R 85 what would the L be standing for in the later unit mark...
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    Laundry list of parts.

    Hello all, I have a few projects id like to attempt to finish before the holidays while I still have the funds! I am in the market for M15 fittings and a rear visor to match my M15 wurttemburg project helmet, a M95 bavarian wappen to go with a bing helmet and officers chinscales to fit my...
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    Curious liner

    Has anyone ever seen helmets with what appears to be a canvas liner like this one?
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    M15 tchapka

    Hello all, I am interested in the M15 tchapka that is up for sale on the forum here and was wanting the opinions of some more experienced individuals as to the wappen. I have seen examples of standard pickelhauben with slits cut into the leather to accommodate a plate but I have seen mixed...
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    Tin Kit pickelhaube

    Hello all, I recently picked up this tin kit helmet and my knowledge on these isn't the most refined. The distance between the two slots for the plate are about 2.5 inches apart. Would the distance for the posts be similar to the plate be the same as a standard pickelhaube? Or were the plates...
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    M17 helmets

    Hello all, Today I am offering for sale a pair of M17 steel helmets, the liners are not in the best of shape but they are there. I am asking 500 USD each and as always offers and trades are welcome.
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    Jr. 94 strap

    Finally found myself a nice strap to go with my luger. Now to find the other variants.
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    Prussian ersatz This one seems strange to me given that the plate is just screwed on through the front. Seems like someone...