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  1. JzPf

    Jager Regt zu Pferde Enlisted

    Jager Regt zu Pferde #3 XV AK Colmar i.E.
  2. JzPf

    Jager zu Pferde

    Hope everyone had a good Easter, all things considered. Here is a sample of Service Souvenirs for Jager zu Pferde Regiments. Cheers Dennis
  3. JzPf

    Jaeger zu Pferde x 2

    Inspired by Verdun 16, I thought I'd share a photo of two of my JzPf hats.
  4. JzPf

    Jaeger zu Pferde Regimental Standard

    Although no longer in my collection, I thought I'd post a photo of the 3rd Jaeger zu Pferde Regimental standard.
  5. JzPf

    Überrocking in the New Year #6: Jäger Regt zu Pferde

    My contribution to the Uberrock thread... Rittmeister, 3rd Jager Regiment zu Pferde Cheers, and Happy New Year to all! Dennis
  6. JzPf

    An Oldie but Goodie

    Here's the first spiked helmet I ever held, it actually belongs to my brother-in-law, but we've been taking care of it since 1977. An OR helmet to Garde Grenadier Regt #5 and stamped BAG 1907. This helmet was brought back from Europe by my brother-in-laws father who served with the Army's 4th...
  7. JzPf

    Leib Kurassier Regt. Grosser Kurfurst

    Looking for an original Officers helmet plate for the Leib Kurassier Regt. Grosser Kurfurst (Schlesisches) 1, "PRO GLORIA ET PATRIA" 1902 wappen. Danke!
  8. JzPf

    Officer's grouping JzPf#10

    Here is my setup for an officer of the 10th Jaeger zu Pferde Regt. The tailors label is marked Dr. Fallingon (sp?) Oktober 1915. Haven't been able to pin down the owner with any of my reference books. Any help would be appreciated! ][
  9. JzPf

    Rittmeister von Petersdorff

    Uniform of Rittmeister Bodo von Petersdorff (1876-1931) when attached to JzPf Regt.#8. Originally with Dragoner Regt.#18 in 1913 and to JzPf Regt.#8 in 1914. Ended the war as Oberstleutnant and Commander of JzPf Regt.#6 1918-1919. He was also an Ehrenritter of the Johaniterorden. Tailors...
  10. JzPf

    Regimental Standard Grouping

    A Line Infantry Regimental Standard from the 1890's hand embroidered on white silk. A little worn, but at about 120 years old it still looks great, especially when you consider it has survived two wars! Close up of the center Prussian Standartentraeger ringkragens & patches Foul weather...
  11. JzPf

    Major Paul Creuzinger, JzPf 5

    The Great Coat belonging to Maj. a. D. Paul Creuzinger, Jaeger Regiment zu Pferde #5. He was also the author of the JzPf 5 Regimental History. Owners label dated 15 October 1909 to Lt. Creuzinger Close up of coat Photo from the Regimental History and the owner himself, Paul Creuzinger...
  12. JzPf

    A Jäger zu Pferde Dragoon Helmet

    Dragoon helmet marked Jg.RzPf 12, 1913 and 3E. I've had several EM marked JzPf Lobstertail helmets, two silver trim helmet (marked to the 4th & 7th), and a brass trimmed (marked to the 8th) but this is my only JzPf marked leather helmet. It's always seems a bit more challenging to find uniforms...
  13. JzPf

    OK, it's not a JzP "Lobstertail" helm, BUT...

    Ok, ok... I know it isn't a metalhelm, but thought other JzPf helmet collectors might enjoy this one...Dragoon helmet marked Jg.RzPf 12, 1913 and 3E. I've had several EM marked helmets, two silver trim helmet (marked to the 4th & 7th), and a brass trimmed (marked to the 8th) but this is my only...
  14. JzPf

    Jaeger zu Pferde river crossing

    Jaegers transporting their horses across the river....guess who pulled the short straws? Looks like lances and perhaps saddlery are also in the boat.
  15. JzPf

    Koenigs Jaeger set

    So I hope this is the correct area to share a photo of one of the pieces in my collection. Koenigs Jaeger Regt zu Pferde #1. One of my favorites! The bunker is now a guest room, so things are no longer on display...for now anyway. :wink: Thanks for viewing.
  16. JzPf

    Greetings from the West Coast

    Hello, my name is Dennis and I'm glad to part of this forum. Although new to this site, I've been collecting for 30+ years. I'm primarily a Jaeger zu Pferde collector, but dabble in other Imperial German items as well, (currently looking for 1893 stabwachen ringkragen officer/em...I guess it's...