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    Mexican Pickelhaube

    This seller usually has very good material...I think they probably just don't know!
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    German Resident Willing to Help with Ebay?

    Hi Sandy- I was unable to initiate a private conversation using the site's function, so could you e-mail me at [email protected] Cheers, Arran.
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    German Resident Willing to Help with Ebay?

    Thanks for the replies, guys!
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    German Resident Willing to Help with Ebay?

    Hello Fellow Collectors, Are there any German members here who would be willing to order and reship to Canada some militaria from an eBay Germany seller who won't send here? Cheers, Arran.
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    Check Out This Beauty

    When I see copper peeking out from behind an applied finish like this it makes me wonder if the plate is "galvano". All that dusty residue would be perfect to hide any mis-match of the plate to the helmet body. I'm suspicious!
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    Sorry !! And IR92 Officer

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    Side post part needed

    James, I have one. I'll check tomorrow to see if its a match...
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    Rare French ersatz helmet

    As above, its a first for me! Very nice piece of headgear...
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    hussar cap of the 17th Brunswick regiment

    You do amazing work!
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    Saxon Garde Reiter

    I'm sorry for your experience. Nothing worthwhile is easy. The Garde Reiter pieces shown in this thread are wonderful!
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    Put the metal parts in lacquer thinner and it will remove any coating safely.
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    My collection of sea caps of the Soviet fleet

    I love it! You have a whole fleet there...
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    Mecklenburgisches Jager Battalion n. 14 group.

    The colour combination of the visor cap is very pleasing!
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    Chinscale Build - Guards Convex

    Going to be tough as these kind of scales are actually curved both along the width and the length. Good luck! Did you manage to find a sheet of actual tombak (red brass)?
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    Latin American Pickelhaube?

    This is a helmet from the Ecuadorian Military Academy! The plate is brightly plated with some damage, but I think its probably original to this helmet...
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    help with identifying this maker

    This particular manufacturer is located in India...
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    Tschako m1825 or 1826?

    You've done a beautiful restoration job on a very unique piece of headgear- thanks for sharing it!
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    Saxe Buckle HR 20

    I'm also looking at the radiating lines behind the motto and the wreath, and the detail is very bad. I honestly think that at the very least the roundel is a reproduction...
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    Saxe Buckle HR 20

    I also wonder about the coppery finish showing through on the roundel, which looks a lot like what we see on repro 'galvano' plates and other parts. I would have expected the roundel to be solid white metal, not plated...