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    Happy 244th Marine Corps Birthday

    Happy 244th Marine Corps Birthday to all former and currently serving U.S. Marines. Semper Fi and God Bless.

    M1915 Cuirassier helmets/wappen

    M1915 by C.E. Junker with large cuirassier style eagle M1915 by C.E. Junker with smaller Line style eagle/wappen M1915 by Damaschke with smaller Line style wappen M1915 made by Lachman with small Line wappen Pulling helmets from boxes in prep for our move at the end of the month. Was...

    Spanish cavalry helmet-franco period post WWII?

    Hey Pete, I picked up this helmet today pretty cheap at the local flea market. I have seen these around for many years and have been told they are Spanish Franco period cavalry helmets. Looks like a Franco period crown on the plate. Is this correct? Did these use plumes of some type? Any...

    Making an "all ersatz" thread?

    Brian/Joe, Have you gentlemen considered turning the ersatz filz/felt thread into a thread that covers all variations of ersatz helmets? It looks like there are only two topics in this filz thread at this time. I ask because this is a topic that really stirs my interests. There are so many...

    Question on Cuirassier Helms

    Hey Gents, I have an earlier model Enlisted Man's Prussian Cuirassier helmet. It looks like it was originally an older "step-visor" type helmet that was modified to the newer type (1890's) visor while in service. It still has the screws holding on the chinstrap. I know the Cuirassier...

    photobucket pics dont show?

    ive been trying to look at the forum since i got stationed out here in Okinawa a couple of years ago and i have found that most of the pictures are no longer there. Just photobucket squares telling me i need to update my account? What gives with this? am i doing something wrong or is this due to...

    Hey Gus!

    Hey Gus, I was wondering if you would mind posting a picture of your WWI ordnance collection in this section? You've got some fantastic pieces, and I would love to see some of your newer items since the last time you posted them. Perhaps you could show some individual items and go into...

    Cuirasses-a little off the mark

    Gents, I've had a couple of folks tell me over the years that the Germans utilized captured french cuirassier armor from the Franco-Prussian war. I have also seen a photo here and there over the years that show German cuirassiers wearing armor that appears to have French style chains rather...

    Hopefully one for Peter Suciu.

    Hello gents, I've got a model 1874 French cuirassier helmet that is a little beat up. It has a screw on the top front of the brass comb above Medusa's head. I beleive this part of the helmet is refered to as the "cimere", and I know I am spelling it incorrectly. I've seen this screw on...
  10. USMC-EOD

    Gun show find.

    Gents, I am always drooling over your latest finds so I thought I should post my latest. I went to a local gun show last weekend. I normally don't find anything pickelhaube related at this particular show, but I got lucky with this enlisted 1914-dated cuirassier's helmet. It had an incorrect...
  11. USMC-EOD

    A new Lachmann helmet

    Hi Gents. I got lucky on Ebay and bought a pretty cool M-1915 Lachmann cuirassier helmet for a good price. Unfortunately (fortunately???) the previous owner had painted the entire exterior of the shell black and painted the wappen and removable spike gold. I could tell from the pictures in...
  12. USMC-EOD

    The red bells.

    Hey Tony. We are describing those little bell icons on the left side of the page that light up red when a new post has been added. Lately they are always colorless. By the way, thanks for the help with the cast pickelhaube instructions. I'm up to my elbows in casting material right now...
  13. USMC-EOD

    My first JzP helmet and a pretty cool ersatz tin.

    I was fortunate to pick up an M-1915 Jager zu Pherd helmet from the wife of a friend who passed away a couple of years ago. Nothing special; however it is my first and I figured I would post it. Many thanks to the forum member who posted the M-1915 JzP maker comparisons a few months back. I...
  14. USMC-EOD

    Interesting ersatz variation on ebay

    Gentlemen, Check out ebay item number 260312042707. Another green painted "kit" type helmet with a screw holding on the wappen rather than the single loop and peg. R/S Bryan.
  15. USMC-EOD

    New member with an oddball tin ersatz

    Good evening gentlemen, I'm a new member and I'm jumping right in. I've been collecting pickelhaubes off and on for most of my life. Nothing major (enlisted M-15s and ersatz mostly), but I decided to see if any of you have ever run across this variant of the tin "kit" helmet (eisenblech?)...
  16. USMC-EOD

    New Marine Corps member says "Hey"

    Hello Gents, I've been watching this site for a couple of years now and I finally decided to step up and join. One of your own forum members who I was in contact with during this latest deployment to Iraq gave me the final push to jump in. (Thanks Tony.) I've been interested in...