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    SOS 2022 February 24-26th

    Be there or be square
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    M15 Hessen for sale

    Please email me [email protected] about the m15 hessen
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    Cammo Helmet display

    Very nice !
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    Prussian felt with metal liner band

    Thanks James and Coert
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    Saxon Gray Shako

    Great shako, I had one many years ago also sold it , would like to buy another one. Alan G
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy new year to all. Alan G
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    My last helmet for 2021 A Feldgrau shako for Fusilier Regt 108

    Very nice Steve, I'm jealous been looking for a feldgrau example for a while, congrats, and Merry Christmas. Alan G.
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    Officer Tschapka - 1st Bavarian Uhlan-Regiment „Emperor Wilhelm II., King of Prussia“

    Thanks alot i appreciate the information Alan
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    Officer Tschapka - 1st Bavarian Uhlan-Regiment „Emperor Wilhelm II., King of Prussia“

    Hello Tony, I value your opinion very much i was just wondering about wartime officers Tschapkas with the metal tops. Were these tops made specifically for the helmet and the Rabatte made at the same time? Also for walking out would the Rabatte have been worn without the Haarbush ? Thanks in...
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    Prussian Ersatz Pickelhaube

    Great Christmas present to yourself. Love ersatz items
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    Bavarian Vulcanfiber

    James i don't have any photos of the liner it's pictured on AoK though Alan
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    Bavarian Vulcanfiber

    Thank you for your help, mistery solved! Alan
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    Bavarian Vulcanfiber

    Thank You for your help , i couldn't even guess what the name is. Alan
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    Bavarian Vulcanfiber

    John,I wondered the same thing i never saw another vulkenfiber sinking in and none of the finish is cracked ? Thank you
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    Bavarian Vulcanfiber

    A new find, I discovered the previous owner"s name and rank on the inside of the liner any help with the name translation would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Alan