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  1. garlanj

    WTB Officer's Pickelhaube Shell

    I've just taken delivery of an engineer officers haube with great metalwork but a totally wrecked shell. Before I pester Brian to see if it's even possible to bring back to life, does anyone have an officer's shell they're thinking of moving on? If push comes to shove I could reuse the front...
  2. garlanj

    Pioneer Officer's Visor Trim

    I know this is a very long shot but does anyone have an officers neusilber visor trim and studs that they're looking to move on, swaps or sale? If so, please PM me. Many thanks Jeremy
  3. garlanj

    Hanoverian Field Artillery at local auction house

    Hi all Not strictly eBay but this item has come up at a local auction house advertised as "Imperial German One Year Volunteers Pickelhaube of Field Artillery Regiment von Scharnhorst (1. Hanoversches) Nr10" and appearing to be Hanoverian has got me interested. Artillery Helmet Taking into...
  4. garlanj

    WTB Depaheg Patent Officer's Vulkanfiber Haube

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has a vulkanfiber shell they be interested in selling. Happy to consider anything from a stripped down shell to a fully loaded haube. Many thanks Jeremy
  5. garlanj

    FR 73 M1866 Boards

    I've just obtained this very nice pair of (I think) M1866 oberleutnant shoulder boards for FR73. Any thoughts gratefully received
  6. garlanj

    Card centres

    Just wondering if anyone could enlighten me as to the background for these officer cockades with card centres?
  7. garlanj

    US Shipping

    Hi all I was thinking of making a bid on this if it stays low but the seller has just confirmed he wont ship to the UK :( Would any kind soul be willing to take receipt and ship on to the UK for me? Just...
  8. garlanj

    Dragoon Restoration Parts Wanted

    Hi all I'm looking to restore a neusilber officer's dragoon helmet and am looking for the following, if anyone would be willing to part with them, cash or swap please PM me. Neusilber officers spike, with or without cruciform base Neusilber curved chinscale retaining rosettes Officer curved...
  9. garlanj

    Bent Vulkanfiber

    Hi all Wonder if anyone has an answer to this (although I suspect it will be “no”). I’ve just got a vulkanfiber shell from a forum member but it’s a little distorted and out of shape and I was wondering if anyone had had a similar problem and if so, how they sorted it out. From what I’ve seen...
  10. garlanj


    Hi all Wonder if anyone can help. I'm looking for a reichskokard to go with this Prussian one. Size is 50mm. At the moment i have a copy on that's not great. With single band, I'm guessing Vizefeldwebel or Feldwebel? Got a few bits to swap including the one that I need except its made for...
  11. garlanj

    JR 73 Officer's Helmet

    Back in April I purchased a rather sad looking JR73 officer’s helmet from a German dealer. The metalwork was ok but the shell looked like it had been used for a game of football (soccer) during the Christmas 1914 lull! So, who did I call? Brian The haube whisperer has bought this soft shell...
  12. garlanj

    Officer M15 Side Posts

    Hi all I wonder if anybody can confirm if these are officers M15 model side posts? Theyre not the usual 4 prong plus 1 or 2 locator types and I've been told they are from an M15 officers helmet (although that could all be bull**** and they might just be copies) :( Thanks in advance Jeremy
  13. garlanj

    Feldzeichen Cleaning

    Hi all Does anyone have any tips for cleaning an officers silver bullion feldzeichen? It’s quite discoloured at the moment :( Many thanks Jeremy
  14. garlanj

    Officer's Pickelhaube Liner

    Hi all Not sure if anyone is looking for an officer's pickelhaube liner (leather/silk) at the moment or a vulkanfiber shell (without peaks and with some extra holes) but I have an advert on EBay at the moment All the best Jeremy
  15. garlanj

    Curved OR Chinscales

    Hi all I have a nice pair of heavy curved (mounted troops) OR chinscales for the knopf 91 fitment. They have been 'rebuilt' with new leather backing and have a great shape. Ideally, I'd like to swap them for a pair of infantry chinscales with the same fitment - is anybody interested? Each...
  16. garlanj

    ATLAS des Deutschen Reichsheeres, etc, etc

    Came across this - not sure if its already been flagged, but looks interesting (for those of us that dont have it :))
  17. garlanj

    Brass Removable Officer’s Kugel

    Hi all Can anyone help point me in the right direction for a removable Officers kugel in brass for a field artillery helmet? Thanks Jeremy
  18. garlanj

    Prussian M95 - JR74

    Hello all. This is my latest addition an M95 for JR 74 (1st Hannover). The shell and metalwork (apart from the wappen) seem to be in pretty good condition for a helmet that’s 120 years old. The liner is complete and still supple with no torn holes in the fingers and what looks like the...
  19. garlanj

    FAR 10/46 Wappen

    This wappen is being sold by a local dealer and I was considering putting in an offer until I looked very closely. It looks a bit odd to me shape wise – do you think it's been bent out of shape? The reverse in particular looks a bit deformed. The issues I noticed were: Front - The LOO bandeau...
  20. garlanj

    Wappen Loop

    Morning all. I’ve just bought a new wappen that is in great condition EXCEPT for the fact that one retaining loop is broken off. The loop was provided with the wappen but obviously needs to be reattached. Does anybody have any tips on how to do this without it looking terrible (bright solder...