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  1. brusik1


    Hello my friends, my new Tschapka Is everything ok ?
  2. brusik1

    Carrying case for Pickelhaube

    Hello comrades, has anyone seen such carrying cases for Pickelhaube? The suitcase from the tin. Thank you
  3. brusik1

    Prussian Ersatz Pickelhaube

    Good afternoon comrades, my new acquisition, replacement ice cap made of black fiber, "riveted". is the Pickelhaube ok?
  4. brusik1

    mask elephant

    Hello everybody, here is an interesting mask, what do you think the mask is good?
  5. brusik1

    Garde Kürassier Regiment Helmet

    Hello everybody, what do you think of the helmet? Thank you
  6. brusik1

    Kürassier Helmet Preußen

    Hello everybody, can someone tell me which model the helmet is from? I am not sure if the chinstrap is from the helmet. I currently only have these photos Thank you
  7. brusik1

    Garde du Corps Helmet

    Hello, my new purchase for my collection.
  8. brusik1

    Helmet Garde

    I'm looking for a chin strap for the helmet Guard du corps, which chin strap fits the helmet? Fixing? Thank you
  9. brusik1

    Eagle guard du corps

    Hello everybody, I want to hear your opinions? Thank you
  10. brusik1

    2 WK border sign

    Hello everybody a rare border shield served as a mark of the state border of the Third Reich, original 850 Euro plus postage paypal or bank transfer with fees on top.
  11. brusik1

    Preussen Garde du corps

    Hello everybody, is the eagle original? Thank you
  12. brusik1

    Stamp Cuirassier helmet

    does anyone know the stamp "jamasch"?
  13. brusik1

    Pickelhaube ersatz

    Hello everybody, I need help, is it possible to align the helmet?
  14. brusik1

    Kürassier Helmet ersatz

    Hello everybody has anyone already had such a helmet? I'm looking for more information about the helmet, very little information on the internet ....
  15. brusik1

    Spiked Helmet Garde

    Who can be the spiked helmet? which regiment?
  16. brusik1

    Tschapka Ulanen 2 Garde Regiment

    Hello mates, I have received a chapka, a national cockade is missing what do you think about that?" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;"...
  17. brusik1

    Pickelhaube 5 Garde Regiment

    Hello everybody, I have recently received the helmet. There are a few stamps and a part of the name (... ASS) from the former owner of the helmet. Can you find the former owner? Thank you
  18. brusik1

    Pickelhaube württemberg

    Hello comrades :) , I have recently purchased the spiked helmet, as I understand, this is a dragoon? is the Pickelhaube okay? Thank you
  19. brusik1

    Pickelhaube Bayern

    Here is my last Pickelhaube, is it all right with the spiked helmet? Thank you
  20. brusik1

    My little collection - Pickelhauben

    I collect Pickelhauben and wants to show the Pickelhauben here, I'll be very grateful if you express your opinion. Thank you Dragoon Reserve