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  1. Francisque

    Can you please help on cackades originality

    Hello, Please help on these 4 cockades. Original or fake? Thanks a lot.
  2. Francisque

    Gardes du Corps / GDC Helmet please help

    Hello knowledgeable collector! I collect german dagger but I like spiked helmet too. I know this helmet since many years. It's in an old french collection in my area. I can buy it now but I've any idea about originality. For the price my guess is in the 6000/7000$ range if original? Thanks to...
  3. Francisque

    Many shoulder board

    Hello, just find these shoulder strap. I'll not keep them. If someone is interested with the grouping just contact me...or I'll try on e stand individually. Thanks. [email protected]
  4. Francisque

    Saxon metal helmet

    Hello, Can I have please opinion about this helmet? Original? Thanks a lot.
  5. Francisque

    Bavarian ersatz spiked helmet

    Hello, For sale this one discussed here: 450 euros + post cost. [email protected]
  6. Francisque

    Bavarian ersatz spiked helmet

    Hello, Please opinion about this one before list it on e stand. What is the current price range? Thanks a lot.
  7. Francisque

    Bavarian ersatz feld helmet

    Hello, Please opinion about this one before list it on e stand. What is the current price range? Thanks a lot. JC
  8. Francisque

    Prussian enlisted spiked helmet

    Hello, Please opinion about this helmet? Why 2 extra hole under the wappen? If I read correctly it's dated 1914 JR171 22JR Correct? Thanks a lot. JC
  9. Francisque

    Please help about 4 cockades

    Dear collector, Please help about these cockades. Any original here? Thanks a lot. JC
  10. Francisque

    Prussian Husaren Colback

    Hello, Please help for this latest find: Thanks a lot. JC
  11. Francisque

    Help Prussian Husaren Colback

    Hello , Can you please help about this colback? All original? I don't find stamp anywhere. It's not my area of collecting & I need knowledgeable collector help. Price range? Thanks a lot. JC
  12. Francisque

    Prussian Garde du Corps helmet / repro good quality

    Old high quality repro helmet. For information you can consult prices for actual repro here: Other photos available on request. 500 euros + post cost. Payment with paypal as gift or bank wire. [email protected]
  13. Francisque

    2 WW1 visor cap, please help.

    Hello, Can you please help about these 2 visor cap? What regiment? I need opinion about originality & price range. Thanks a lot. JC
  14. Francisque

    Please help about prussian guard tschapska

    Hi, please help on this one (link below because I've post it in the wrong section...sorry...):
  15. Francisque

    Prussian Guard Tschapska

    Hi, I've just find this tschapska & I need opinion about it please. Is it 100% original? What is the price range of this one? Thanks a lot. JC
  16. Francisque

    Pickelhaube + uniform + paper same soldier

    Hi, Just find this grouping. Can you please comment about originality? Thanks a lot.
  17. Francisque

    2 helmet, please opinion

    Hi, Can you please help me about these 2 helmet? Not my area of collecting but I'm interested with them. I need information about originality & value. Thanks a lot. JC
  18. Francisque

    5 royal irish lancers chapska

    Hi, Nice original untouched headgear. 1200 euros + post cost. Trade possible against german militaria WW1 and WW2. [email protected]
  19. Francisque

    WW1 Tschako, please opinion

    Hi, Please opinion about this one? What is it? Not my area of collecting. Original & untouched? Price range? Thanks a lot. JC
  20. Francisque

    2 Garde du Corps helmet / nice repro

    Hi, For sale these 2 repro of prestigious helmet. 1st = 750 euros + post cost 2nd = 650 euros + post cost More photos available. You can contact me to [email protected] Trade possible. Looking for III Reich item, US 1918 knuckle knife... Thanks.